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Health studies

88 minutes
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Hello everyone! Bursting with excitement that you are reading this now! My name is Jason, and I love tutoring. I will be reviewing the Health curriculum for high school students. I will be showcasing the slides. I can better prepare you for the medical industry works, and health classes in high school by the information on each slide. Stick with me along the class, since each slide contains the most important information for the concepts. Also, I will be stopping to ask questions every several minutes minutes and I will also call on anyone anytime to make sure you are following my logics.

I will be reviewing the heart, drug and alcohol, mental health, lungs, organs, and safety, along with what happens to the body after death, how to prevent injuries, and family relationships! It may sound boring, but it is actually very interesting for me! No prior knowledge is needed for this session.

Because the purpose for this session is to help you achieve 100% understanding of the material, feel free to ask me questions during the class!

Once again, I am Jason W and I am very excited to help you prepare for high school Health curriculum!

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Jason W and Vivian P


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