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Pre-Algebra • Series

Math Quest: Unlocking Pre-Algebra Puzzles

Next session on Jun 1, 2024


James P and 3 others

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Series Details


I understand the math can be frustrating for many people, but once your grasp it’s concept, it becomes much more manageable. Personally, I’m passionate about teaching math in an engaging and useful manner, making them both interesting and helpful for others.


Please notify me beforehand if you cannot attend. Thank you for your cooperation.


July 16 - June 1


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Hi, I am an 11th grade bilingual student from Taiwan, deeply captivated by the realms of biology and medicine. Over the years, I have devoted myself to pursuing knowledge in these fields. Recognizing the challenges that many encounter while studying academic subjects, I am genuinely eager to offer my assistance. My aspiration is to transform the learning experience into an engaging and enjoyable journey for all. Subjects I can teach includes AP level biology, chemistry, physics, history, Chinese and some Japanese. I am the current moderator of the biology sub world. For most of my sessions, learners can inform me about the subjects and concepts they want to learn beforehand and I will formulate a wonderful session for you.

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Hi, I'm a junior from Ethiopia. I mainly teach Algebra I, but I also host a quantum computing series.

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I am an 8th grader from Orlando, FL. I am here to learn and help others as well. I would like to get into an Ivy League one day. I like to play basketball, watch Netflix, and do science experiments.

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Hi, my name is Sophie, and I'm a junior from Seattle, WA! I'm here to help students like myself through math courses up to AP Calculus and AP Stats, and to strengthen your skills to the best of my ability!

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Session 67

General Pre-Algebra Q&A

Welcome to our Pre-Algebra class! Explore foundational concepts, equations, and problem-solving with confidence. Engaging lessons and experienced instructors ensure a solid grasp of numerical operations, patterns, inequalities, and functions. Strengthen your skills in this supportive learning environment and unlock the beauty of algebraic thinking.

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