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Pre-Algebra Help






Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Pre-Algebra Series


Walkthrough the Khan academy algebra series

7th session

I am new, but I would love to go through a whole friendly series and meetups. So excited to see you all!!

Naim S

Registration full.

Algebra for Khadijah D! 1:1 tutoring :)

6th session

Hi! So in this series we will be focusing on the Grade 8 Checkpoint Book for Khadijah D. Please note that I will be answering questions and the structure of Khadijah D's syllabus only, but anyone is welcome to join!

Sri R

2 spots left!

Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics "Core & Extended" 🚀

98th session

We'll learn about all the major concepts of Mathematics. and Solve Advance problems of each topic. From very basic to advance level. ✖️➕Cambridge IGCSE & O level Mathematics (Pure & Extended) Grade level 9 & 10➗🟰

Aayushman D

8 spots left!

Pre-Algebra 1-1 Tutoring Help: Beginner Friendly

10th session

We shall learn about all the major concepts of Algebra that make solving Mathematics easy for higher grades. We will also solve advanced problems of each topic from basic to advance level.

Vivian P


Pre-Algebra Practice + Help


Every week we will go through some practice problems, and eventually work through the entire Kahn Academy Pre-Algebra course. Learners will also have the option to submit practice questions to go over during our time as well! 🙌

Alexis K


Pre Algebra review

14th session

well review prealgebra and practice concepts key to understanding the concept before moving on to Algebra 1, and reinforce concepts using biweekly assessments. Students are free to ask any questions about their homework, and their questions can be asked in front of the entire class and solved, or can be solved in private zoom meeting room , (choice of the student), We will also play educational games like blooket, kahoot and gimkit to reinforce learning and provide a positive and fun learning environment for students who are preparing to take algebra 1.

Ibrahim S

Registration full.

Pre-Algebra Group

13th session

This group is for Pre-Algebra students to learn math together!

Schoolhouse Math Matching T

Registration closed.


10th session

ALL ABOARD! Together we are going to embark on a journey to learn the basics of all of Khan Academy's pre-algebra curriculum. Sessions will start with an ice breaker, then a lecture with interactive problems, a review game, and then a cumulative review (from all previous sessions). So, buckle up and get ready for some awesome learning!

meg f


Pre-Algebra Crash course!!!!!

6th session

We'll go over many topics in Pre-Algebra and lots of practice problems.

Mansi M


Walkthrough of Khan Academy Pre-Algebra (In Bangla)

14th session

Welcome to go going through the Pre-Algebra course in Khan Academy in Bangla. My aim of this series is to make learning less intimidating for those who aren't the best at English which is ok. I am here to help you succeed.

Sarah I

3 spots left!

Math Quest: Unlocking Pre-Algebra Puzzles

29th session

I understand the math can be frustrating for many people, but once your grasp it’s concept, it becomes much more manageable. Personally, I’m passionate about teaching math in an engaging and useful manner, making them both interesting and helpful for others.

James P


Pre-Algebra FULL Course

5th session

Hello everyone! My name is Aman, and I will be hosting this series. We will cover Pre-Algebra at a decently high level, so please be modestly proficient in basic math. Meetings: -Meetings every Saturday for 75 minutes 3:00-4:15 CDT -First meeting was Sunday [October 22, 2023] at 3:00 p.m. CDT -Last meeting is on January 27, 2024 Guidelines: -Meetings are in English -Please be respectful

Aman R



9th session

Are you struggling with pre-algebra concepts? Do you want to build a strong foundation in mathematics that will serve you well in future courses and everyday life? If so, this series is the perfect opportunity for you to master the fundamentals of pre-algebra in an engaging and supportive learning environment. The Pre-Algebra Full Course Tutor Series is a comprehensive program designed to take learners of all levels through the core principles of pre-algebra. Whether you're a student looking to excel in your middle school math classes or someone looking to refresh their Pre-Algebra memory, this is the series for you. Please be respectful, ask questions, and come to class on time! I'm excited to help out in any way I can!

Brandon C


Pre-Algebra Cumulative Review


Each week, we'll go over several questions of varying difficulty, with each session expanding over more topics as you progress through your maths course (hence, "cumulative). As we progress through the series, the questions will become more and more tailored to your own skillset, having you focus on questions based on how well you do with a skill, and how important it will be for future maths courses.

Jeremy L


The Pre-Algebra Choose, Study, Enjoy series!

3rd session

Hi Everyone! My name is Maya. I'm so excited to host a series with you all! The fun-part is, it will be centered all on you! Each week we will go over a different Pre-Algebra topic that you all voted to do in the previous session! We can even vote on what days work best for everyone! Every week, we will go over a topic with a quick slideshow, fun hands-on activities in breakout rooms (if we have enough people!), practice problems, and free Q/A at the end! Come and join in the fun!

Maya M


Pre-algebra Crash Course

4th session

In this series we will cover all the pre-algebra topics going in order.

Lila M


Pre-Algebra Power Hour Series


Aakarsh K


Pre-Algebra Sessions



Variables and expressions

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

We will go through a few practice problems, and help with any questions.

Zaynab A


Friday, December 8

General Pre-Algebra homework/study questions review

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

We will go through any homework/study questions you may have, step-by-step until you have gained a better understanding of the material.

Ansh K


Everything YOU Need to Know About Square Roots & Exponents

11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

We'll start off learning some basic notation for both square roots and exponents before taking a deeper dive and practicing on Khan Academy.

Avinash T


Sunday, December 10

Variables and Expressions Help

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

We will discuss different parts of equations and expressions as well as solving for a variable.

Ishaan N


💯 Percentages 101 💯 - Improving with Swanish

10:00 PM - 11:00 PM

💯 I will teach you everything you need to know about percentages! If we finish early (we most likely will), we will play a Kahoot about percentages. You can ask any questions. Please let me know if you need help with a homework question beforehand. 💯

Swanish B