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Pre-Algebra Help






Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Pre-Algebra Series


Prealgebra Mastery Course

8th session

Come along as we explore the fascinating realm of prealgebra! This series is designed for students who are just stepping into the world of prealgebra, and also for those who have some prior experience but seek a review.

Each session will include brief segments on foundational concepts, followed by practical examples and opportunities for questions. A set of practice problems will be provided after each session. While it's not mandatory, I encourage you to give the problems a shot.

Throughout this series, we'll cover the basics of prealgebra. We'll kick off with the basics and then explore the arithmetic involved.Also, we'll dive into solving equations using prealgebra concepts to apply what we've learned.

For this course, a solid understanding of basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), but also some understanding of fractions, decimals, and beginning concepts of variables.

Sessions will be held on Tuesdays, with a possibility of additional office hours and review sessions. I hope to see you there :)

Ishani M


Daily Pre-Algebra help group

7th session

Each day we will go over any questions you have with homework, classwork, or online practice problems. This is a smaller group so each person will have a chance to get help!

Atharva S


Pre-Algebra for A.Z.

2nd session

Each Week we will try to build a strong foundation.

Aarav T

Registration closed.

Pre-Algebra Mastery Course

4th session

Hi! My name is Thomas and I love teaching people! I am close to finishing my certifications in Pre-Algebra, and once that is finished, I will be able to teach you everything about Pre-Algebra! We will go over lots of topics, until everyone can achieve MASTERY! If you would like to co-host with me, just DM me! Also, if you need extra help, just DM me and we can set up extra classes!

Thomas K


MAP: How to ace this important test


1st, we will cover tips and tricks to help you on the MAP test. Then, we will do some practice tests (based on your level), and I will assist you with any questions on the problems!

Krishiv R


Pre-algebra Crash Course

17th session

In this series we will cover all the pre-algebra topics going in order.

Lila M


All About Pre-Algebra


Pre-Algebra is the basis of all math, so let's master it. Every week we will go over one topic in pre-algebra that is recommended by you!

Khanak P


Pre-Algebra Group

29th session

This group is for Pre-Algebra students to learn math together!

Schoolhouse Math Matching T

Registration closed.

Diving Into Pre-Algebra

2nd session

Lesson Plan: Factors and multiples, patterns, ratio and rates, percentages, exponents, variables, equations, percents, proportions, square roots

Anika A


Math Help

12th session

This series will be for any questions you may have relating to Pre-Algebra or Algebra.

Damilola (Joshua) O


Pre-Algebra | Graphs and Function BOOTCAMP

7th session

Hello and welcome to the Pre-Algebra Bootcamp, which covers graphs and functions!

Note: This series will last until we fully understand Graphs and Functions.

We'd Love To Have You Here! Sign up!

Lars H



3rd session

Pre- algebra is crucial for building the foundations for Algebra 1 and 2. In this course, we will do in depth review and lessons of the 15 units of Pre-algebra. This course is spread over 15 weeks and will have 2 sessions each week. We will cover one unit each week.

Harsahej D


Math Quest: Unlocking Pre-Algebra Puzzles

64th session

I understand the math can be frustrating for many people, but once your grasp it’s concept, it becomes much more manageable. Personally, I’m passionate about teaching math in an engaging and useful manner, making them both interesting and helpful for others.

James P


Homework Help

3rd session

Probably self-explanatory, but this session is dedicated to asking questions about anything in Pre-Algebra! We can also review any tricky concepts upon request.

Honey A


Pre-Algebra State Testing Preparation!

3rd session

Shanaya P


Pre-Algebra Full Khan Academy Walkthrough

2nd session

Each week we will go over the next unit on Khan Academy's Pre-Algebra course.

Edward M


Pre-Algebra Express

9th session

this course is aimed at helping u to make math easier and faster. we will cover all of pre-algebra in classes that are interactive and hopefully, fun.
here’s the expectations:
- bring a paper and pen to each session because we will be taking notes
- please keep your camera on and be ready to answer questions (this class will be really interactive)
- please keep conversations and comments kind and appropriate. we want to build helpful relationships that can last after this course is done
- practice makes perfect! we’re using khan academy as a guide for this course so going on khan academy for practice problems would help a lot
- ask questions!

we will be meeting 5-6 pm EST on saturdays. we’ll let y’all know if we need to reschedule

ezel j


Exploring Pre-Algebra: Q&A and Homework Help

2nd session

Hello learners! Are you stuck on a homework problem or worried about a test the next day? Come to these sessions for more help on homework or preparing for an exam!

Aahan S


Homework help everyday 📚📄


Everyday, If you have any problems for help you can join this series.

Charish C


Pre-Algebra Review


Each session, bring anything you would like to review for the following week!

Bill T


Pre-Algebra: Weekly Homework Help/ Review

7th session

📚Bring your questions, homework problems, or areas needing reinforcement, and get help in those topics. Every Sunday at 4 pm PST, come prepared with problems you need help with to strengthen your Pre-Algebra skills. I'll help you with working out problems, answering questions and reviewing topics! See you at our next session! 🚀

Amish G


Pre-algebra full course walkthrough

3rd session

Each week, we'll go over a unit from Khan Academy until we finish the course, Then after that, we can have Q and A and HW help :)

Advik B


Pre-Algebra Study Group Q&A!

5th session

If anyone needs help with homework or for finals, i will be glad to help!

Sam Q


Crash Course | Pre-Algebra


Struggle with Pre-Algebra? This is the perfect place for you! Each week we have exciting and interesting ways of making Math FUN ( Familiar, Understandable and Natural). We plan to finish the whole thing by July and earlier if you are fast to pick up the topics!
You are welcome to share your thoughts and are encouraged to actively participate in the session. By the end you will leave with a different perspective of Maths.

Anagh S


Pre-Algebra Sessions


Friday, April 26

  • Exponents Course!

9:30 PM - 10:30 PM

We will go over a presentation I made on exponents and doing some practice problems.

Ethan V