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All About the Application


Cindy A and 8 others

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This series ended on July 13, 2024. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


The College Advice Moderator team is excited to bring back All About the Application where we will be doing a deep dive into almost everything about the Common App! New to this series, wonderful College Advice Tutors will also be hosting Ask Me Anything's (AMAs) on their application and college experience.

To Tutors: If you would like to host an AMA session, please DM Cindy to participate! 📝 All About the Application - We will learn about the format of Common App, what is on the application, test scores (and if you should use them), what to write about, choosing colleges to apply for, and what admissions officers look for. We will walk you through the Common App website and show you some websites which are good for finding colleges.

❓ Ask Me Anything - This is your chance to ask tutors how they ended up where they are. Look at the session descriptions below and mark your calendars for AMAs hosted by people in your field of interest.


Attendance is NOT mandatory! Sessions of All About the Application will be repeated with the SAME content. AMAs will NOT be repeated unless the tutor chooses to do so.

There are many sessions because of accessibility to many time-zones and schedules. Please go to only one of the sessions you are available for unless you would like to see the same content again or have thought of a new question you would like to ask us in real-time.


June 14 - July 13


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About the Tutors

Hello! I'm a college sophomore and I love most things science. I'm here to have fun and help out!✌️ I love listening and playing music, drawing, watching movies and anime, doing chemistry, and reading sci-fi books. I have probably heard way too many genres of music and am definitely a massive nerd. Feel free to DM me if you want to talk about anything: ranting, art advice, need someone to talk to, just finished a show and need to vent. I'm happy to be of service :)

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Hey! I am Litisha, a rising senior in high school. I mainly tutor in SAT Math at SHW, as well as a couple of study skills, CS, and English sessions occasionally. I love exploring the worlds of education, psychology, environment, and business, and I am looking forward to pursuing something in the combination of these disciplines. Looking forward to seeing you in one of my sessions :))

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I am an undergraduate double majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology and Zoology. I am also minoring in Business. I speak 3 languages which are English, German, and Turkish. As a tutor, I am very passionate about helping students reach their full potential in school. I tutor biology, chemistry, writing, German, Turkish, and a variety of AP classes to help students prep for their exams. In my free time, I enjoy crocheting, playing D&D, and watching movies/TV shows.

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I'm a molecular engineering major at the University of Chicago, and I research pediatric brain tumors. Outside of the classroom, I love to play the clarinet, go on walks with my two dogs, and go on long bike rides!

View Richa J's Profile

Hi! I'm Navya and I hope to be able to help students from around the world with their academics, while working avidly on my own 😀. Feel free to reach out to me for any academic help. My qualifications are;- 1. A consistent 97%+ aggregate in my exams over the past few years📄 2. Wrote and published a book at the age of 10 📗 3. Have various leadership positions at school and enjoy working with others! 🏫 and more! Looking forward to seeing you in my sessions! I often host live help IST, so feel free to drop in there to ask your questions. I also host sessions on pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2, CBSE grade 9 and 10.

View Navya M's Profile

Hi! I'm a college student currently living in California. I would love to help you with your next SAT or AP test!

View Percival L's Profile

Hello everyone I’m a sophomore at a university. Sharing knowledge that I have gained through my college experience, encouraging others to both reach their dreams, and to study I what I intend to us this platform for. I like to explore new things to do like traveling, writing, planning, biking, and trying new foods. I can't share any socials because of schoolhouse policy. Feel free to stop by any session and say hello.

View Samantha P's Profile

I am Vardhan Avaradi, and I am currently a sophomore student majoring in Biomedical Sciences - Premedical Track in the Burnett Honors College at UCF. Since middle school, I have been fascinated with Science and math and I pursue tutoring in these subjects as an area one can explore and promote new ideas that can benefit the community. I have gained experience tutoring a broad range of subjects, from AP-level Math and Science subjects to prepping for SAT/ACT exams. My interests are in Oncology and cancer cell research, and I enjoy dance choreography and watching movies.

View Vardhan A's Profile

Hi! My name is Arushi, and I am a freshman at University of Miami's Honors Program. I have tutored family members in the past, including tutoring online, and am passionate in helping you with any questions! If you need any further explanation on a topic, feel free to reach out under messages, I usually respond promptly!

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