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History • Series

Indian History - Civilization to Modern Day

Next session on Jul 27, 2024

Geetha S and Iman K

Series Details


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This series is full. Spots may open as learners withdraw–try checking back later!

Series Details


We'll be going over many topics topics this series starting off with the earliest civilizations in India and going all the way up to modern day!

--> The Early Civilizations
--> The Ancient Period
--> The Medieval Period
--> The Modern Age [Until now]

We will be meeting twice a week - Monday and Saturday. You should research some topics prior to the sessions and speak about it too!


This is a very relaxed series, it's more like a club. Join whichever session you find interesting. If you're missing any session, just let me know in the chat!


April 1 - July 27


10 / 10

Total Sessions


About the Tutors

I'm a student and I am looking forward to learning new things beyond school. I am enrolled in an excellent music program where I learn to play the keyboard/piano. I'm a polyglot (7 languages known). I also love writing poetry, dramas/plays and short stories. I also like Computer Science and I'm familiar with HTML/CSS, Python, C & C++. I like to work on graphic designing in my free time. I like to read novels and watch Netflix. I'm excited to help you with subjects which I'm good at.

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I’m a high school Junior from New Jersey here to improve in anything and everything. In my free time, I enjoy reading books, drawing at ungodly hours, making ceramics, cooking, and tutoring people here at Schoolhouse and at my school in various subjects. Please feel free to reach out for any help! :)

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 4

World History


Past Sessions


Session 1


Orientation 😀:
We'll go over course details and topics, we'll set a schedule and then learn some cool Indian History Facts!!

Session 2

World History

Meet - 1:
--> The Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic and Chalcolithic Age in India
--> Some ancient ancient civilizations

Session 3

World History

The Iron Ages, some iron age civilizations. We will have Kahoots and quizzes at the end.

Public Discussion

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