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Abstract Algebra Crash Course

Next session on May 22, 2024

Kindness C

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Series Details


We'll take a brief look at one of the first courses you will take in university if you would like to become a math major. We will begin with the fundamentals—learning some basic set theory, working with complex numbers, and setting the definitions of rings and fields. Then we'll prove some intuitive things that we know about number theory and modular arithmetic (i.e. working with remainders). From there we will generalize our methods to other areas, such as doing "number theory" and "modular arithmetic" with polynomials and much more! No calculus knowledge is necessary for this series; however, high-school Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 are necessary. (BTW do you know that this series would be called "Algebra 1" in university?? 😂😜)

Tutor Qualifications

I am taking abstract algebra in university right now and approaching the end of the course.


Come to each session; it will be very difficult to catch up otherwise.


November 21 - January 2


15 / 20

Total Sessions


About the Tutor

Hi! I'm Kindness (aka Enci). As of 2023-24, I'm a first-year university student with sophomore standing, and I'm majoring in pure math and minoring in computer science (I'm considering changing my minor, so if you have advice please give some). I love to share whatever I know, and when Schoolhouse offered me the opportunity, I jumped at it. In my free time, you can find me writing poems, playing the piano or violin, and scrapbooking.

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 12

Other Topics

If we finish reviewing everything in our last session, we'll start looking at congruence relations as a very important example of equivalence relations. We'll also define cosets and get familiar with them. The next several sessions will all be centered around this topic.

Session 13

Other Topics


Session 14


Just a reminder that our series won't end until we have covered finite fields, quotient rings, and all sorts of fun stuff!

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