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Trigonometry Tutoring Sessions


Looking for free trigonometry help? Sign up for a free trigonometry tutoring session at, a peer tutoring platform founded by Sal Khan of Khan Academy. We offer small-group trigonometry tutoring sessions to learn trigonometry with learners from round the world. Choose between one-off trigonometry tutoring sessions, or a series of sessions for long-term learning with our volunteer trig tutors. Join Schoolhouse to learn trigonometry with a community that’ll support you!

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Live Trigonometry Help

Live in 6 hr 5 min

Get 1-on-1 help from volunteer tutors certified in Trigonometry, every weekday 4:00 PM-7:00 PM PST.

Ethan M

Online -

Hello, my name is Ethan, and a high school student. I love math, science, and programming, and I'm more than happy to tutor other people in those subjects (which is why I'm here)

Odin S

Online -

Hello, my name is Odin.

Benjamin K

Online -

Hello, I'm an 11th grader who is interested in giving through service. At my school, I volunteer every weekday through a commitment called "Learning Center," where I go out into the small community of Carpinteria and tutor k through 6th graders math and English. I'm eager to use my knowledge to help out the international community, so I hope you'll be glad to have me!

Trigonometry Sessions


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Register for a session to review specific Trigonometry topics with a small group of learners.

Trigonometry · session

Right triangles & trigonometry

We will learn all about trig ratios! We will discover the mystery of how you can solve for any side when you only know one angle and one side. We will also unravel the method of how you can solve any angle when you know two sides. We will also learn about other types of trig ratios, such as inverse trig ratios and reciprocal trig ratios.

Taeho K


Trigonometry · session

Trigonometric functions

We will go over the unit circle and how it explains and warrants the trigonometric functions. Then we will go over sinusoidal functions.

Tanmay G


Trigonometry · session

Non-right triangles & trigonometry

We'll be learning the sine and cosine laws.

Arjun V


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Don’t see what you need? Request a session and our team of volunteers will be on the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a free online tutoring platform founded by Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy. Our mission is to connect the world through learning—our community of passionate, dedicated volunteer tutors is here to help. We offer free online math tutoring sessions, along with SAT and AP preparation. If you're interested in joining a session, sign up for an account to get started.

Interested in becoming a tutor? The first step is to get certified in a unit, which requires demonstrating your mastery by taking the relevant Khan Academy unit tests. After getting certified, you can apply to become a tutor and join our global volunteer community.

Can you teach yourself trigonometry?

Once you've grasped the concepts, the best way to learn high school trigonometry is to practice. The more equations you solve and the more functions you graph, the better you'll understand the fundamentals.

But you can learn anything if you put your mind to it! We believe learning with others can always give you a new angle into the subject. At, our online trigonometry tutors are here to help give you support and motivation when you need it. Sign up for a trigonometry tutoring session to see what it's like!

Where can I learn trigonometry online for free?

There are many ways to get trigonometry help online–Khan Academy is a free, extensive resource for learning trigonometry on your own time. However, if you’re looking for an online trig tutor, sign up for a series or session—it's completely free!

Why is trigonometry so hard?

What makes high school trigonometry hard is what makes it so beautiful—trigonometry blurs the lines between algebra and geometry in a way most students might not have seen until that point. And once you get a better understanding of trigonometry, you'll start to see how these math concepts show up in the real world!

If you're looking for trig tutoring, sign up for a session at—it's completely free! Just sign up for an account to get started.

What is the easiest way to learn trigonometry?

Once you've grasped the fundamentals, the best way to improve is to practice. Khan Academy has an extensive trigonometry curriculum if you're looking for practice problems. And if you'd like to, sign up for a trigonometry tutoring session on!

How long does it take to learn trigonometry?

Depending on your comfort with algebra and geometry, learning trigonometry might take anywhere from a few months to a year. If you're having a hard time, one of our online trigonometry tutors would be happy to help.

Is trigonometry easier than geometry?

Depends on the person! If you're a more visual learner, you might find geometry easier to grasp. If you work better with logic and equations, then you might find trigonometry easier. In addition to trigonometry tutoring, we also offer geometry sessions!

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