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Free SAT® Prep Courses and Tutoring

Stop struggling with the SAT—get the free SAT tutoring, prep, and help you need to succeed!

Feeling lost, overwhelmed, and stressed when it comes to the SAT? We totally understand. The SAT can be a major roadblock, but it doesn't have to be! Here's why you should choose Schoolhouse for your SAT prep:

  • Expert guidance every step of the way: Our trained and certified tutors break down complex concepts and give personalized advice where you need the most support.
  • Targeted practice to build your skills: Pinpoint your weaknesses and tackle them head-on with practice questions and focused review sessions.
  • Strategies designed for test day success: Learn proven techniques to manage time, tackle those tricky questions with confidence, and maximize your score.
  • A supportive community to keep you going: Connect with other students, get your questions answered, and find the motivation to keep pushing forward.
  • Zero cost, unlimited potential: Everything at Schoolhouse is completely free! We believe that high-quality tutoring should be available to everyone.

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Community-led SAT® Prep Series


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Join a series to learn, practice, and study SAT® Prep regularly with other learners like you.


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If you want to LEVEL UP your Reading and Writing abilities and answer any question the DSAT throws your way, you're in the right place! I scored a 770 on the March DSAT R&W section, and I hope to get you there too In this series, I will break down all of the "Hard" difficulty problems that the College Board has provided for the DSAT R&W section. We will dive deep into how these questions work, and look at the EASIEST METHODS. I scored a 770 on the March DSAT R&W section, and I hope to get you there too We will be covering all 4 domains that the College Board tests on the SAT which are: - Information & Ideas - Craft & Structure - Expression of Ideas - Standard English Conventions - This is a lecture-based series, where I will mainly break down the problems piece by piece LETS GET THE BEST SCORE POSSIBLE!

Shriram N

6 spots left!

SAT MATH: How to get an 800!


Every day we'll go over SAT Math concepts. We'll begin with a brief review of how to solve a problem and dive into many past questions from the SAT (with increasing difficulty). This course is aimed at those who have a score of 600+ so we won't spend to much time on teaching subjects. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me!

Rohan B


🗒️📐ADVANCED Tips for ADVANCED Math [790 scorer]📐🗒️


From factorization to polynomial graphs, we will review every subtopic in the SAT Advanced Math topic, reviewing questions and strengthening your knowledge. You may need to bring a pen, notebook and calculator to each session! Times are adjustable by a few hours and will most likely change (especially sessions in the far future). Just lmk what times will be most convenient for you all!

Misheel M


4-days Road to a Near-Perfect Score in Math!


In four days, I'll do my best to help you improve your score up to 750+. I'll do that using multiple practice questions and tests. In the process, I'll share the top tips and strategies I've used to get a 780. We'll cover (1) Algebra (2) Advanced Math (3) Problem-Solving and Data Analysis (4) Geometry and Trigonometry. The entire math curriculum! Moreover, in each session, I'll show you how Desmos can help you get 75% of this section right!

Luca G


Kill Your dSATs: Reading and Writing Crash Course


Hey everyone! In this comprehensive crash course, we’ll be going over the reading and writing portion of the dSAT so you feel confident for August dSATs! I’ll be using examples from the actual college board website as well as official college board tips and tricks to help boost your score! 😀 Sessions will be Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for an hour each. (Excluding July 4th and 5th.) The last three sessions will be a hour and a half. This course will be two weeks—8 sessions total. I scored highly on the dSAT reading and writing (99th percentile) and have been taking advanced reading/writing courses for some time now. I am so excited to share my knowledge with all of you and can’t wait to boost our dSAT scores together!

Eleni D


SAT Geometry and Trigonometry


***This series is a repeat of my previous series, You are welcome to attend if you were in the previous series, but the material will be the same*** This 10-class series will cover everything you need to know to tackle Geometry and Trigonometry questions on the SAT. We will go over all of the topics needed for the exam, and work through practice problems on related topics. Here are the topics we will go through: Week 1: Lines and Angles: Week 2: Triangles I Week 3: Triangles II Week 4: Circles I Week 5: Circles II Week 6: Coordinates Week 7: Area and Volume Week 8: Trigonometry I Week 9: Trigonometry II Week 10: Problem Solving

Jack D


SAT MATH TEST WEEKEND 📝 (Read below more more info!)


The best way to improve is to PRACTICE. Get a feel for the SAT Math by taking a real test-- but the harder version! Overview: ✏️ Timed practice tests Module 1 and 2 ✏️ Official College Board problems ✏️ Detailed reviews after the test! ✏️ Group practice with selected problems DAY 1: We'll go through some test taking tips and spend 70 minutes taking a complete (Module 1 & 2) math section through a test on Schoolhouse. (≈ 80 min) DAY 2: We will review the test, and any specific questions you may have. (≈ 60 min) Note: Since Module 2 is different on the real SAT, this assessment will contain questions from the more difficult Module 2, so we are all on the same page. 🖊️ MATERIALS NEEDED: Desmos or a calculator, a device, and some paper. ⭐️ BONUS: At the end of each session, you'll have access to a marked up PDF of all the problems we go through for you to download and keep for future use!! --- Note: Module 2 on the SAT math may not be the same for everyone. So, we'll be going through Module 1 questions you may have, and Module 2 questions to practice as a group from the difficult section!

Kruti P


Complete SAT Crashcourse (Important tips/tricks to boost your score)


If you haven't prepared at all for the SAT, don't worry, as I'm going to teach all important concepts needed to get a 700+ on each section. I'll also provide hard problems if you've mastered the easy and the medium level problems. This series will go over ALL concepts needed to get 700+ on each section, so buckle up and be ready to focus 😁

Romit M

Registration full.

SAT Mega Review Series


Hey, prospective DSAT takers! The SAT Mega Review is back... in series form! If you’re taking the DSAT this upcoming season, this series is a great place to review topics (both R&W and Math) and to ask any and all questions you may have about content, test-taking strategies, and what to expect on test day! The sessions will be comprised of both EBRW and Math, demarcated on the basis of domains and their sub-topics. More details TBD! Hope to see you there!


Immanuel P and 7 others


Hard-Level Math Practice and Review for the August SAT


Review and practice key SAT Math concepts before your upcoming exam with the help of two 750+ scorers! Throughout the series you will get the chance to participate and learn in many different ways as listed below: - 🔍 Review: Refresh your memory and solidify your understanding of key math topics across all four domains: Algebra, Advanced Math, Problem-Solving and Data Analysis, and Geometry and Trigonometry. - 💡 Tips: Receive valuable tips on math concepts, effective use of [Desmos](, and strategies to help you excel on the SAT. - ✏️ Practice: Complete difficult practice problems to build your endurance and improve your problem-solving skills for the SAT. - 🏆 Quiz: Take part in friendly competitions with the group through the [Quizizz]( platform and gain more SAT Math experience with time pressure involved! Additional details: - This series is designed for those who are currently scoring in the 600+ range and are looking to improve on some of the hardest math topics that appear on the SAT. All are certainly welcome to join! Just keep in mind that we’ll be working quickly through difficult level problems. - Due to our busy, unpredictable summer schedules, the timings of the sessions may end up changing before the series begins. We'll let you know in the group chat if this happens!

Joe H and Hind S


Summer DSAT Prep - ACE the Math Section: A Perfect Scorer's Guide to an 800 on the Math Section!


Are you looking to score high on the math section of your next SAT (May/June)? Look no further. In this interactive series, we will go through each of the 4 domains of the DSAT Math Section (Algebra, Advanced Math, Problem-Solving and Data Analysis, and Geometry and Trigonometry). We will discuss tips and strategies and practice the content through REAL SAT QUESTIONS to improve your SAT math score to its highest. Qualifications: I scored an 800 Math on the December 2023 US SAT and hope to help you guys reach your target score as well! Here's how the series will be structured: Each week will have 2 75-minute long sessions. In each session, we will spend some time practicing and learning concepts through questions. At the end of each session we will take a timed test on the topic. Afterwards, we will use the remaining time to go over the mini-test. During the course, a "mid-term" assessment will be conducted to review all the material covered thus far. Upon reaching the conclusion of the series, a "final" test will be administered to assess our progress and address any remaining questions. I will conduct office hour sessions at regular intervals to provide an opportunity for questions and to review specific problems if you have any. Hope to see everyone there!

Deniz G


Prep for the August SAT Math with a 790 scorer!


I am so excited to work with you on the SAT Math section and help you be confident on testing day! I'll do a complete content review of all of the advanced topics that you will need to know. After each topic, there will be time to take a quiz and reflect on what you need to work on! We will also be doing plenty of practice tests to make sure you are ready for you August SAT! Hope to see you there, Gagana :)

Gagana B


Community-led SAT® Prep Sessions


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Starting Soon

Register for a session to review specific SAT® Prep topics with a small group of learners.

SAT® Prep · session

SAT R&W micro-session: simplification!

This one time session will cover the most important technique for R&W, what I call simplification! (from a 770 scorer)

Charlie K

Registration full.

SAT® Prep · session

"Standard English Conventions" - Part 2 (Practice Questions)

Review the SAT grammar rules. Some students find these to be perplexing. But with a little bit of practice, these can become easy questions to answer.

Jake H


SAT® Prep · session

Trig in the SAT

Going over Trigonometry in the SAT - SOH CAH TOA, Unit Circle Trig, and Similar/Congruent Triangles.

Daniel W


SAT® Prep · session

The entire advanced math domain in 2 hours!

We'll start off by covering all the concepts tested on the advanced math domain, then move to some practice problems ranging from easy to hard!

Fatima A


SAT® Prep · session

Learn about Lines and Circles[Intuitive pedagogy 800 scorer]

Build a strong conceptual foundation by exploring the basic properties of lines and circles through real-world examples. We'll focus on "why" things work the way they do before diving into formulas.The Language of Lines & Circles: Demystify the equations used to define lines and circles. Learn how to translate geometric concepts into mathematical expressions and vice versa.Practice Makes Perfect: Solidify your understanding with a variety of practice problems designed to test your grasp of line and circle equations. Gain the confidence to apply your knowledge to solve real-world scenarios.Problem-Solving Strategies: Develop a toolbox of effective strategies to tackle challenging line and circle equation problems with speed and accuracy.By the end of this session, you will:Have a clear understanding of the fundamental properties of lines and circles.Be able to translate between geometric shapes and their corresponding equations.Feel comfortable solving a variety of line and circle equation problems.Develop a strategic approach to approach even the most challenging problems.

Rutwik R


SAT® Prep · session

SAT Reading!

Another session, we will go through at least one other domain as requested <3

Khanh N


SAT® Prep · session

SAT Math - Graphing Circles

The SAT Math section contains problems that deal with graphing circles. We'll go over key concepts for graphing circles, including:

- Formula
- Calculating information about a circle given an circle equation
- Graphing circles on Desmos
- Converting expanded form equations into standard form equations by completing the square

We'll review concepts and do practice problems along the way. At the end, you can try out some practice problems yourself! (If you have any practice problems relating to the topic you'd like to go over, we can go over that too!) We'll discuss them together afterwards. Bring some paper and a writing utensil!

IMPORTANT: We are reviewing graphing circles. We are not reviewing geometrical circle concepts, such as radians and sector area. If you are looking for that sort of content, I recommend you look for another session.

Chaitra Y


SAT® Prep · session

Crush DSAT Math with Desmos - from a Math perfect scorer.

We will cover multiple strategies and techniques you can use with Desmos. We will do practice for each strategy and see how to apply it. If time remains, we will do a practice test and try to use only Desmos to solve the problems.

Shawnak S


Frequently Asked Questions

For a comprehensive list of FAQs, please visit our Help Desk.

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Do you offer SAT Reading help?

Yes! Schoolhouse offers tutoring for both SAT Math and SAT Reading & Writing, tailored to the Digital SAT.

Do SAT tutors really help?

Yes! Receiving support, doing practice problems, and discovering where you can improve can greatly improve your SAT score. SAT tutoring is one of several ways to provide this structure! For many, meeting with a private SAT tutor or attending SAT prep courses can be costly and inaccessible. However, at Schoolhouse all of our online tutoring sessions are 100% free–we’re committed to broadening access to quality tutoring.

Is Khan Academy good SAT prep?

Yes! Khan Academy and the College Board have partnered to offer free, personalized SAT practice. And if you’re interested in live, personalized SAT tutoring sessions, check out a free session on hosted by our volunteer tutors!

Can you take the SAT without studying?

It’s definitely possible to take the SAT without studying. However, your SAT score can play a role in what colleges you get accepted into, and it never hurts to put your best foot forward! Our SAT tutors are here to support you to do your best.

How many hours should I study for the SAT?

There is no magic number! The time commitment for SAT prep can range from 3 to 20 hours per week the months leading up to the test–across practice tests, reading review material, attending SAT tutoring sessions, or going to prep classes. This number might depends on where you’re at and what your goals are. We’re all for committing yourself to practice–just don’t forget to take breaks, drink water, and sleep!

What is the best way to prep for the SAT?

There are many ways prep for the SAT: private tutoring, self-study, SAT prep courses, and more. At Schoolhouse, we offer free, small-group SAT tutoring sessions that anyone, anywhere can join. We personally believe that studying is best with the motivation of peers and mentors who have your back, and that finances shouldn’t be a barrier to reaching your goals.

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