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Pre-Algebra Tutoring Sessions


Sign up for a session at, a free peer tutoring platform founded by Sal Khan of Khan Academy. We offer virtual small-group sessions with volunteer tutors from around the world. Join Schoolhouse to learn with a community that’ll support you!


Pre-Algebra Series


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Starting Soon

Join a series to learn, practice, and study Pre-Algebra regularly with other learners like you.

Complete, In-depth, Pre-Algebra Study & Review Series

Hello learners! I'm super excited about giving y'all a complete and in-depth series about all topics In Pre-Algebra!

Each week for the next 15 sessions, I will be helping y'all through every type of question you may have in Pre-Algebra. You don't need to join every session because I will be covering a new topic in each session. Hope to see y'all there!

Brooke M


Pre-Algebra Express

this course is aimed at helping u to make math easier and faster. we will cover all of pre-algebra in classes that are interactive and hopefully, fun.
here’s the expectations:
- bring a paper and pen to each session because we will be taking notes
- please keep your camera on and be ready to answer questions (this class will be really interactive)
- please keep conversations and comments kind and appropriate. we want to build helpful relationships that can last after this course is done
- practice makes perfect! we’re using khan academy as a guide for this course so going on khan academy for practice problems would help a lot
- ask questions!

we will be meeting 5-6 pm EST on saturdays. we’ll let y’all know if we need to reschedule

ezel j and Rohan J


Pre-Algebra Sessions


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Starting Soon

Register for a session to review specific Pre-Algebra topics with a small group of learners.

Pre-Algebra · session

Personalized Practice for Breanne M

We'll be playing a Kahoot to help you get faster with your math facts.

Brooke M


Pre-Algebra · session

Pre-Algebra Homework Help

Any questions you have, we’ll answer! We’ll go over any topic in pre-algebra that you might need help on to make sure you’re comfortable with the material.

Emmitt R


Pre-Algebra · session

Going over Factors and Multiples!

We will go over a slideshow along with some practice questions, host a short quiz with a Q&A session at the end.

Kushi U


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