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Jayden K


78 upcoming sessions

Hi! My name is Jayden, and I'm a rising high school junior from Arizona. Here's a bit about me: Career Goal: Cardiologist/Anesthesiologist AP Classes Passed: APHG AP Scores Awaiting: World History, Seminar, PreCalc Classes (as of August '24): APUSH, AP Research, AP Stats, AP Lang, AP Chem, Spanish 3 Extracurriculars: Model UN, Odyssey of the Mind, MathLeague, Schoolhouse, FBLA, HOSA, FCCLA Hobbies: Piano, Business (entrepreneurship) Fun Facts about Me: - Proficient in 2 languages (English, Telugu) - Limited proficiency in 4 languages (Spanish, Tamil, Kannada, Latin) - Big competition pers...




Jeremy L

74 upcoming sessions

I am a rising 11th grader. I have a passion for computer science, astronomy, and history. I am joining Schoolhouse to be able to share some of my knoweldge with others who need it the most, while at the same time trying to get help in areas I need help in as well. Science education in the U.S. is really dumbed down and slow, so I taught myself some advanced topics for an 11th grader thanks to how accessible all this information is nowadays, especially Khan Academy! I speak English fluently; read and speak Spanish really well, although I can't speak it too fast because I start stuttering; and a...




Rachana G

55 upcoming sessions

Hey! I am Rachana and I am a junior in highschool. In my free time I like to cook and hand out with friends. I am looking forwards to helping my fellow peers as much as I can along with studying for the SAT.




Jose Roberto Cossich G

39 upcoming sessions

Hey, my name's Jose, and I'm currently a senior. I'm about the biggest Indie music fan there is, I love 80s movies (John Hughes goat), and reading in my spare time. I enjoy math because it allows me to express myself artistically, and tutor for the mere sake of those aha moments. I've taken Multivariable Calc, Linear Algebra, Real and Complex Analysis, and I'm currently taking AP Physics C.




Zoë C


30 upcoming sessions

I’m currently a high school student from NC that enjoys History, STEM, and learning new topics. I joined School House World to help me study for the SAT, but also to help others anyway I can. I am a Civil Air Patrol Cadet, Senior Patrol Leader in Scouts, and a 3-Sport Athlete (Cross Country, Basketball, and Soccer). I have attended the U.S. Naval Academy's Summer STEM and also run a weekly study group to help my friends study and excel in school.




Agastya S

30 upcoming sessions

Hi, I'm Agastya, a freshman from San Diego, I have experience teaching math to kids in my community, and I often help friends with homework and such. I am now certified in Pre-Algebra and intend on getting certified in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus (after I learn it), Calculus, and a variety of other subjects and categories. I'm proficient in higher order areas of math in high-school, have tons of experience in math and history. I am an all A student, and am competent in a variety of subjects. I am not that good in subjects like Spanish and English, but still fairly proficient in those ar...




Ananya B

28 upcoming sessions

Hi! My name is Ananya, and I'm a sophomore in high school in the 24-25 school year. I have a lot of hobbies including track and field, reading, environmental activism, debate, coding, STEM competitions, and my mysterious favorite (robotics). I love classic books (they're practically all I read). My favorite is An Old Fashioned Girl. I'm involved in a lot of organizations. One of the ones I'm most active in is a leadership 4-h program for teens. We work on a lot of capstone projects to help our community. I've gotten a world record related to them. We partnered with one of our sponsor companies...




Shriram N

28 upcoming sessions

Hey everyone I'm Shriram! I'm a High school student from California who can help with: 1. SAT 📝 2. Calculus ➕➖✖️➗🟰 3. Chemistry⚗️🧪 4. Biology 🦠🧫🐒 . Some of my hobbies are: 1. Listening to music (I love Travis Scott and rap music in general) 🎧🎵🔥 2. Swimming 🏊‍♂️ 3. Playing videogames 🎮🕹️ 4. Hanging out with my friends LOOKING FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU!




Joseph Z


25 upcoming sessions

Hello, I am Joseph, a homeschooled high school sophomore from China PR, but I am taking a US program. I am one of the Reading and Writing Subworld Moderators and I also tutor Chinese language series. Field of Interests Academic: History, Geography, Stage Performance, Languages, Cultural Study. I am good at map study and have been trying to learn Hebrew, Dutch, and Italian; currently learning Spanish. Art: Ink pen drawing/sketching and gouache painting. Music: Proficient in Hulusi, a Chinese traditional flute, passed the top level in 2022; Dizi, the bamboo flute, has been learning for several...




Brooke M

20 upcoming sessions

I'm a homeschooled rising senior that loves baking, reading, and writing! I am super excited to be able to help fellow students with all kinds of difficult subjects, and just have some fun. I am currently studying German, AP Calculus, AP Biology, and AP Psychology and I hope to learn so much more as I continue to meet new people here!




Keda Via I

18 upcoming sessions

Hello! I am a pre-algebra and algebra 1 tutor who loves math, science, ginger cookies, and the color purple! I am here to help wherever I can, and to learn in all areas possible. I look forward to helping out here on shw, and I wish you all a great shw experience. Happy Learning💜!




Shanmukha P


17 upcoming sessions

Hi everyone, I am Shanmukha, and I am a tutor at SHW. I like math and computer programming. My hobbies include reading, playing chess, and coding websites. I love math and I like to teach to I decided to teach here at SHW. I currently tutor Pre-Algebra. I am excited to meet the SHW community and the amazing learners.




Yashvi P

17 upcoming sessions

Hello! My name is Yashvi, and I am a junior in high school. I mainly tutor Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 here on SHW, but I also tutor Biology and Debate! I am excited to work with you!




Shanaya P

16 upcoming sessions

Hey! I'm an 8th-grade student in Ohio with a main focus on competitive math. However, I've also been taking an interest in the sciences and I believe I might need some extra help to get that head start. Hence, me joining Schoolhouse world, to use my math skills to help others, and gain help where I need it. In my free time I love any music really, but specifically playing the piano, singing and listening to Taylor Swift. In addition, I'm a language learning addict, and am in the process of learning Spanish, French and German (and if you're more comfortable in Spanish/French than English, plea...




Aarav T


15 upcoming sessions






14 upcoming sessions

Hi! I'm a high school student, who loves STEM. My hobbies include sports, art and photography!




Yash J


13 upcoming sessions

I'm a Sophmore enrolled at a public high school in LA! I'm here to help others learn and be as helpful as possible! A little bit about myself - I really enjoy the sciences, music, and writing! In my free time, I’m usually practicing or producing music, cooking/baking, learning languages, or teaching myself something or other! To be fair though, I definitely watch my fair share of Netflix and play an unholy amount of Legend of Zelda 😅. I speak English (natively), French (CEFR 2A), German (CEFR 1B), Hindi (I’m mostly fluent, I speak it at home), and Maithili (I can understand most everything,...




Alwin John S


13 upcoming sessions

Hello! I'm a high school sophomore from Texas, taking AP PreCalculus and AP Chemistry. I enjoy reading, playing piano, debating on my school's debate team, studying science and math, and tutoring. I look forward to meeting people and helping them!




Vanshika G


13 upcoming sessions

I'm a high school student from New Jersey. I'm here to help tutor other students for their SAT and other subjects! In my free time, I like to read, write, and play tennis.




Serena C

12 upcoming sessions

Hi, I’m a high school freshman in Massachusetts. I’m hoping to improve my skills in all the subjects on this site and help others once I get more confident in my abilities. I play violin, soccer, and throw in track.

Alan C

11 upcoming sessions

Hello👋 My name's Alan. I'm a senior at an international school in Taiwan. I like to watch Netflix, play sports 🏀🏐 and video games. I got a pretty decent score on SAT math (790), and I would like to help you guys score the same or even higher. If you need help with SAT math, feel free to drop by my sessions. My classes will be chill yet effective. Stay tuned🤞




Rohan A

11 upcoming sessions

Hello, my name is Rohan A. I am from the United States, and I am currently a high schooler. My goal on Schoolhouse is to help other students like me learn and be prepared for anything. I am currently certified at Pre-Algebra and have experience with Algebra 1 Honors (took and completed it in middle school). I can also help with the basics of Python as I have taken CS50p. Happy learning everyone!




Advik B

11 upcoming sessions

I'm a high-school student looking to help and support others with whatever I can! In my free time I enjoy playing the piano and hanging out with my friends.




Emma F

11 upcoming sessions

Hello! Currently, I tutor Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, geometry, and biology. Feel free to message me at any time for help with these! I hope you learn a lot from my sessions!



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