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Jeremy L

92 upcoming sessions

I am a rising 11th grader. I have a passion for computer science, astronomy, and history. I am joining Schoolhouse to be able to share some of my knoweldge with others who need it the most, while at the same time trying to get help in areas I need help in as well. Science education in the U.S. is really dumbed down and slow, so I taught myself some advanced topics for an 11th grader thanks to how accessible all this information is nowadays, especially Khan Academy! I speak English fluently; read and speak Spanish really well, although I can't speak it too fast because I start stuttering; and a...




Joe H


39 upcoming sessions

Hello! I'm Joe, a high school senior who's homeschooled and has a strong passion for science, technology, engineering, and math. I currently reside in Oregon, USA. I'm glad to be a part of this wonderful community! I'm here to learn what I don't know and teach what I do know! I can tutor in any math topic ranging from pre-algebra to derivatives in calculus, with a particular enthusiasm for geometry and trigonometry. I have also received a score of 790 on the Math section of the SAT, so I'm equipped to help you with SAT Math prep as well. In addition to being a tutor here at Schoolhouse, I am...




Harshini H

18 upcoming sessions

Hi! Im Harshini, a junior in a magnet highschool. I am doing an internship shadowing a Cardio-Thoracic surgeon and volunteer regularly at my local hospital. I like dancing, reading and hanging out with friends.




Ishani M

18 upcoming sessions

I'm a high school student who is interested in helping others learn! In my free time, I enjoy playing ice hockey and reading :D




Anaha P

17 upcoming sessions

I'm a high school student from Colorado and I'm here to tutor other students in all subjects. In my free time I like to do rowing and swimming.




Shanmukha P


17 upcoming sessions

Hi everyone, I am Shanmukha, and I am a tutor at SHW. I like math and computer programming. My hobbies include reading, playing chess, and coding websites. I love math and I like to teach to I decided to teach here at SHW. I currently tutor Pre-Algebra. I am excited to meet the SHW community and the amazing learners.




Naya S


16 upcoming sessions

Hello, everyone! 👋 I'm Naya, a tutor at School House. 🏫 I joined School House with the intention of helping others and expanding my own knowledge. I am the Tutor subworld Chief of Staff, and I'm also part of the Welcoming Team on SHW. 🌟 I'm currently in my final year of middle school in Lebanon. 🎓 In addition to my tutoring role, I'm an advanced gymnast and a passionate baker. 🤸‍♀️🧁 During my free time, I enjoy reading, exercising, and spending quality moments with my family. 📚💪👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Get to know me, and you'll discover I'm a sweet treat of humor. Ask me anything, and I'll be...




Rahul S


16 upcoming sessions

I'm a recent IB graduate from Singapore and I'm really excited to be a tutor here on! In my free time, I like playing tennis, watching Netflix shows and watching Jeopardy! On SHW, I'm a current moderator of the Chemistry subworld as well as an SAT Bootcamp Guide and Coach. I mainly tutor these subjects, too, but also like helping out in other topics, such as Calculus!




Sara G


16 upcoming sessions

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others." - Philippians 2:3-4 Hi! My name is Sara and I am a high school senior in the US. I tutor in math and biology and host study corner sessions. I love learning more about God's creation by studying biology, and I aspire to work as a veterinarian in the future.




Erin Y


16 upcoming sessions

Hi, everyone! My name is Erin, and I am very excited to tutor at!




Brooke M

15 upcoming sessions

I'm a high school student currently focusing on maximizing my SAT score. One of my favorite pastimes is making bakery sweets for my family to enjoy.

Karen C

13 upcoming sessions

🦋Hi! I am Karen, I am a junior, I love playing basketball🧶, crocheting, baking🥨, coding💻, ofc: eating and sleeping😴 as well. I am here to learn and to help others learn. 🕰☕📜🎞🗝




Rahaditya R

11 upcoming sessions

Hi! I'm an undergrad student in Malaysia who aims to transfer to the US in the near future. Among things I love doing are hiking, reading, debating and gaming. Education is my passion, and I dream of double majoring in Computer Science & Education. Nice to meet you!




Cindi L


11 upcoming sessions

Hi! My name is Cindi and welcome to my bio. I am currently living in California and a high school senior. My favorite subject is Algebra 1. Math is always my strongest subject in school and I love meeting new people. I hope I got to teach new people about math and hope to see you guys soon.




Joseph Z


10 upcoming sessions

Hello, I am Joseph, a homeschooled high school sophomore from China PR, but I am taking a US program. I am one of the Reading and Writing Subworld Moderators and I also tutor Chinese language series. Field of Interests Academic: History, Geography, Stage Performance, Languages, Cultural Study. I am good at map study and have been trying to learn Hebrew, Dutch, and Italian; currently learning Spanish. Art: Ink pen drawing/sketching and gouache painting. Music: Proficient in Hulusi, a Chinese traditional flute, passed the top level in 2022; Dizi, the bamboo flute, has been learning for several...




Avinash K

10 upcoming sessions

Hi! I am a student who is interested in math, computer science, and building things.




Sivanth B

10 upcoming sessions

Hi! My name is Sivanth, and I'm a high school junior from Texas. In my free time, I enjoy coding, plane-spotting, and learning new concepts.




Damilola (Joshua) O

9 upcoming sessions

I am a 15-year-old who is interested in math and pretty much into anything math-related (chess, go, sudoku, cubing, coding). I am in 11th grade and just recently got a 1530 (790 Math, 740 Reading) on my SAT. Other hobbies include competitive mental calculation, and distance running.




Shamak G

9 upcoming sessions

I'm a high school student from the Bay Area. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to rock, playing basketball, and playing the guitar.




Shriram N

8 upcoming sessions

High school student who can help with the SAT(English and Math Sections), math from elementary to AP Calculus AB, biology, and chemistry. I am also an Eagle Scout and a competitive swimmer. I like to read, play video games, and hang out with my friends in my free time. Looking forward to working with you!




Abby C

8 upcoming sessions

Hi, I am Abby and I am so excited to join the Schoolhouse community! I have joined this program because I would love to have the ability to help those around me, when I am able. It is a very universal feeling to need/seek help and it is awesome that communities like these are available. I am so grateful to have this opportunity!




Keda Via I

8 upcoming sessions

Hello! I am the creator, team lead and student/tutor coordinator of the Personal Goal Setting with Algebra 1 program. We have worked since May 19th to provide consistent assistance to those with the long term goal of learning algebra 1. If you are interested and would like our help, feel free to contact me here or on slack (@Viaishta). Happy Learning💜!




Swapnasish G


8 upcoming sessions

I am determined to change the world with my passion and willpower and make a peaceful, happy, and harmonious world.




Alexis K

7 upcoming sessions

I'm a junior in high school and I joined to share my passion for some of my favorite subjects. My favorites are Chemistry and Math. I also like to play soccer and ski in the winter.



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