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The Importance of a Quality Education (UN SDG 4)

By Sowmiya T on January 6, 2024

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As we approach an uncertain future, it is now more important than ever for students to acquire a strong educational foundation so they can have the financial and social security to thrive. With income inequality, gender discrimination, and many other issues hindering millions of children from attending school, immediate action is required globally to ensure that each of them rightfully receives the opportunity to attend an educational institution. In this article, we will explore why and how the fourth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal - Quality Education - should be addressed. You will also see how (SHW) is contributing significantly to this area with its futuristic approach to education.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly and irreversibly changed education. With millions of children missing in-person classes, many inequalities that hindered progress towards equal learning opportunities only worsened. There is also an alarming possibility that as many as 24 million children may never attend an educational institution again. What are the dangers of not making education accessible for all?

In some less developed countries, a stable primary education plays a crucial role in not only educating a child, but also providing them with adequate nutrition and quality sanitation. It also protects them from work-related exploitation, child marriage, and human trafficking. If a child cannot access this basic right, all aspects of their wellbeing and progress will be affected. The lack of mobility that results from a lack of education may trap past and future generations of the child’s family under a vicious cycle of poverty. Life expectancy and quality are also greatly diminished, with income inequality rising among extreme ends of socioeconomic groups and climate change becoming more uncertain and catastrophic. The child may have to face an unfair future. The child deserves a high-quality learning experience to achieve proficiency in reading and mathematics, enabling them to access secondary schools. Additionally, continued learning is a fundamental right, as education serves as a gateway to acquiring skills essential for employment and entrepreneurship. Another important consideration is that the child should have the opportunity to learn beyond academic subjects, allowing them to become global citizens. Lastly, recognizing that the child might face gender discrimination or vulnerability due to disability, community, or location, their education could give them the opportunity to improve their circumstances and allow them to utilize available mental health resources.

Quality education serves as a lifeline for many. Now, let’s explore how we can address this international target.

While it is impossible to cover all the possible approaches, we can focus on some of the ways that (SHW) is making a difference. These include:

  • Reducing inequalities: Schoolhouse is accessible for free anywhere in the world with internet access. In the US, several state educational departments have partnered with the platform to support peer tutoring. One of the most remarkable aspects of our outreach is that qualified peer tutors help bridge the learning gaps caused by a lack of well-trained teaching staff in certain areas. Knowing that having tutors available to provide personalized aid to students is how schooling outcomes become more positive, this method removes the costs that may hinder this through deploying student volunteer-teachers. This allows more pupils to access the guidance they need while also establishing a connection to a real person to enhance their understanding.
  • Increasing access to knowledge and skills: Numerous sessions are held at Schoolhouse that focus on learning about cultures, skills, and hobbies. The value of this is that students can receive a holistic educational supplement that opens their eyes to the world and themselves. Life is more than just studying, and hence events like our Model United Nations’ conference or tutors’ sessions on foreign languages or cooking are useful in helping pupils recognize the various ways they can enjoy themselves while also learning something that will benefit them in life. These small lessons or programs could possibly lead to a member finding their purpose, relaxation, or even a side-hustle idea! The outcomes are endless, and education is key!
  • Enabling advantageous opportunities: Schoolhouse, while targeting students aged 13-18, plays an integral role in allowing students to make the best out of their secondary school experience with its tutoring services. There are many resources for pupils to not only increase their academic success, but also, with sufficient qualifications, master the art of peer tutoring. Tutoring can help develop communication, listening, and collaboration skills, all of which are essential for college and career success. Also, many colleges and educational organizations are partnered with Schoolhouse and provide students the opportunity to showcase their tutoring and volunteering experiences.

Do you want to take action towards this Sustainable Development Goal too? Join today! There are many opportunities for you to enlighten your peers with knowledge related to school subjects, the SAT, or just anything else you find interesting! See you there!

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