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Science of Learning

By Jil S on December 5, 2022

The human brain is not completely perfect in any way. For instance, memory loss is one problem we wish we never had. Well, even though the brain cannot remember EVERYTHING, we can most certainly choose what we want it to remember. Yes, you heard that right.

You remember your car’s number plate because you’ve heard the number many times. You’ve also seen it many times. But, in some cases, for example in physics, the brain follows either the same or a different approach, at certain times.

Of course, everyone’s brains work differently, and I absolutely agree to that. But, there is one common way everyone can remember.


First of all, you start of with learning something once, and perhaps recapping it through the website. Our dedicated tutors are there for you, volunteering in their free time so as to make sure YOU have the knowledge you need.


Revising can contain a number of steps. I will break it down further. You should revise by using the method of active learning. Does this seem like doing exercise? It actually isn’t. It refers to applying that learning to some questions or by tutoring back. The best way is get certified, and tutoring it back.

But before tutoring, what are the best ways to revise?

As a tutor myself, before tutoring, I always try to read through the material and revise it, by testing myself on it. Khan Academy and Seneca Learning support active learning. Khan Academy first teaches the information again, reinforcing the knowledge into you, then it gives you a quiz! However, with Seneca, it gives you the questions while you are learning! Very effective! Also, fancy platforms don’t work for everyone. Using the textbook style of learning, you can also succeed.

Textbook Style

You can make notes from a textbook for revision purposes, which is can be followed by some questions. There are many exam question websites in which you can find exam questions related to your topic. Depending on your country and your style of exams, this may differ, whether you can really find exam questions or not, but when revising for exams, it is extremely vital. You can always search up “[Level of study / grade / year] [country if not on google for your country] [topic] exam questions.” For some subjects and exams, it is not available. For example, at my school, we have two unique subjects which other schools in my country may not have, for those, you can think of what questions may come, or use your book in that case, maybe the teacher has hinted you about some possible things that may come in the exam, if they have repeated it too much or made you write it down.

These are just suggested methods and may not work for everyone and some methods like active learning are scientifically proven, may work.

Thank you Hafsah M for editing this article! peer tutoring, for free.


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