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Reflections on My High School Life

By Arpan P on February 27, 2023

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High school is a vital juncture in one's life. As an Indian student, I encountered several obstacles, including the burdensome expectations for academic excellence and the cutthroat competition among my peers. However, I discovered a valuable tool to assist me on my scholarly journey: online platforms such as These platforms allowed me to interact with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, share my knowledge and expertise, and expand my horizons.

My fervour for Computer Science and programming ignited in 9th grade. I am enamoured with comprehending the intricacies of how computers function and how to manipulate them to my advantage. I have participated in coding competitions and hackathons to hone my skills and deepen my understanding. What I relish about is the opportunity to tutor Computer Science. It is a gratifying experience to aid others in comprehending the subject matter while solidifying my grasp of the material along the way. The platform provides access to a plethora of resources and top-notch peer-tutors worldwide, making it an exceptional venue for delving into new subjects and attaining a more profound comprehension. Furthermore, has also facilitated my improvement in communication skills and broadened my perspective. It has been an immensely enriching experience to connect with students from different cultures and backgrounds and learn from them.

Despite the challenges, high school has also given me numerous opportunities for growth and learning. I actively participated in extracurricular activities such as debate club, science club, and sports teams, which have helped me to acquire new skills and make friends. I also take advantage of the various academic resources available to me, such as tutorials and study groups, to aid me in excelling in my classes.

In summary, high school is a challenging but rewarding period. My passion for computer science, coupled with the support of online platforms like, has helped me to become a well-rounded and informed student. I eagerly anticipate where my passion will lead me in the future and continue to impart my knowledge through peer-tutoring on

Thank you to Hafsah M for editing this article! peer tutoring, for free.


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