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Community Engagement at

By Navya M on February 26, 2023

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100+ Countries. 32900+ Learners. This is is a truly unique platform that connects learners with certified tutors from around the world. Its mission is remarkable and its ability to foster a strong community is even more so. The community engagement aspects of the platform lead to high tutor and learner retention, and ultimately a greater sense of belonging to an international community of like-minded individuals.

I have been a tutor at Schoolhouse for exactly one year now, and I can confidently say that this community is one of the strongest and most positive international communities I have ever encountered. Being a part of this community has been such a motivation for me that often, the first thing I would do after waking up was to host live help sessions (this always started my day with unmatched positivity). My belief is that if you are considering becoming a tutor, you should definitely do it because this community will be there for you every step of the way. has a dedicated community engagement team that organizes various events to build both the tutor and learner communities. Some of the key features of the Schoolhouse community are-

For Tutors:

  1. Tutor Learning Circles- Tutors are also learners and Tutor Learning Circles provide a conducive environment for tutors to learn from each other and improve their teaching skills. Check out the Community Page on Schoolhouse to join Tutor Learning Circle sessions!
  2. Slack Channels- Upon becoming a tutor, you will be added to the Schoolhouse Slack community which is one of the best resources available to you as a tutor and as an individual. As a tutor, you can find solutions to your queries, details about upcoming events, and much more. As an individual, you can connect with a community that is always ready to extend a helping hand, find new opportunities, and work together to further the the mission and values of Schoolhouse.
  3. Birthday Celebrations- If you have been checking the Community Sessions on Schoolhouse or the #random channel on Slack, you would be familiar with Schoolhouse’s vibrant and enthusiastic birthday celebrations. The community comes together to wish you on your special day and this small gesture of appreciation helps strengthen team bonds.
  4. Shoutouts- The #shoutouts channel on Slack is truly a gem. It allows tutors to recognize and celebrate each other’s achievements and encourage one another to keep up the good work.
  5. Help and Advice- Schoolhouse tutors are always ready to give help or advice, whether it is on how to conduct more engaging sessions, college advice, or just about anything else. The diverse international community provides fresh and enlightening perspectives.
  6. Mentor Team and Peer Reviews- Schoolhouse offers the opportunity for volunteers to receive encouraging and constructive feedback from other volunteers. The mentor team, made up of some of Schoolhouse’s most experienced volunteers, provides one-on-one advice to tutors who may be struggling or in need of support. Also, many tutors at Schoolhouse regularly review sessions to give insightful peer reviews.

For Learners-

  1. Community Sessions- If you click on the Community Events page, you will find a variety of community sessions organized by tutors from around the world. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including Model UN, public speaking, and even learning a new language, like Korean!
  2. SHW Summer Camp- If there was a Wrapped (like Spotify Wrapped) for 2022, the SHW Summer Camp of 2022 would certainly be a highlight. Throughout the summer of 2022, tutors came together to organize the first-ever SHW Summer Camp, featuring a diverse selection of Community and Experimental sessions.
  3. Welcome Sessions- The Community Engagement Volunteer team at Schoolhouse currently conducts Welcome Sessions. These sessions serve as a means of introducing new tutors to the Schoolhouse community and familiarizing them with the platform’s various features.

Community Values- Schoolhouse recently established a set of core community values that serve as a guide for all interactions on the platform. The values are: “Think big, start small”; “Step in”; “Uplift each other”; and “Always be a learner.” Read more about the community values here!

Thank you Sharon V for editing this article! peer tutoring, for free.


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