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I can't believe this exists! | Anisa's Candid Reflections on Schoolhouse

By Anisa I on February 16, 2022

In a world where nothing seems to be free (mostly for obvious reasons because people need to earn money to live as this world is always circled around them), I was shocked to find, a free tutoring site...

I couldn't believe myself as just last year I searched for a free tutoring site to help me with my schoolwork and I couldn't. High school started pretty harsh for me as I didn’t even know what I was gettin myself into by registering to this specialized math high school, the hardest on the country. The professors were so harsh to us and didn’t go through the lessons more slowly so we could understand them and just expected us to know everything already. I couldn’t keep up, and the once bright all A’s student started flunking... I turned to Google as my classmates weren’t much of a help as they were also having a hard time. I searched so many sites to help me but - nothing. Khan Academy was pretty good at many stuff and it did get me better grades in the end, but it mostly taught me the easiest parts of the lessons and of course it couldn’t dig in deep with me personally. I am one of those heads that need to be taught in more creative and visual ways and I guess that didn’t help in my math school (lol).

I searched for online tutoring but of course all of them were with money, and quite expensive at that, which I do understand anyways. I did go to a physical tutor, not sure how it helped as she was mostly qualifies in middle school math not high school but I didn’t even have time to go around and find a good one.  I did pass somehow, as for those who are interested I did get all A’s in other subjects but maths weren’t up there. I know, it was sad. But this year I got bigger hopes, as now I found this!

This little hidden treasure that more people are also finding nowadays.  I’d say I wasn't surprised that it's by Salman Khan as well, dude he's my hero. I used and loved Khan Academy for a long time and now he made this, an even greater thing, I was amazed! I remember at school once, we all had to write about a famous/successful person we admire and it may not surprise you that I wrote about him! Making education free and accessible to everyone is the best thing ever and I'm glad he exists and that I know about it!

I found out about this gem from Khan Academy’s youtube channel as he made this video on opportunities for tutors. My mom saw the video first and as she knows that I’m all in for learning and teaching she encouraged me to join. I was kind of hesitant but when I looked at its site and stuff it offered I was all IN! This could solve so many of my problems, this could actually save me this year! I was so happy and surprised to see it was all free for everyone, WORLDWIDE! It seemed like a dream!

It may surprise you to hear that you can’t just learn here from different tutors in different subjects, you can actually be the one who will teach and tutor others too! I’m being real, YOU! When have you ever thought that someone without a degree who is literally still in school can do this? Well, it’s possible and I as many as other peeps my age are too. It’s so simple too if you have anything you want to help others with I’d encourage you to join! It takes so little time and honestly it’s so worth it.

I joined in immediately and got accepted quite fast surprisingly. I was drawn by the community the most. It’s so warming, helpful and welcoming it makes me feel so grateful! They answered all my questions I had as a newbie with so much care and I scheduled my first session. It went so well and the learners were really interested, I actually cried from happiness. It felt so good! I just knew I want to do this for a long time! I love the experience when I am helping others get better at different subjects because of me, sharing my knowledge is truly one of the greatest perks of life.

It’s cool as you can volunteer in so many other ways here except for tutoring! I actually also am an onboarding buddy, an auditor, a study space moderator, a session requests moderator, a social events planner and also obviously here on the blog team! You have so many opportunities to contribute and make this place even better and I really love that! I do it everyday and it became a part of my routine quite quickly! It doesn’t mean it should take all your time of course, I have plenty of fun reading, drawing and doing other things too, don’t worry!

This community is growing and I see it as the education of the future and we and YOU are making it all happen together! I gotta say SHW may be the best thing that ever happened these past years, especially with the current pandemic. I'm lucky to be a part of it and I hope more people will find it too and join this precious learning community! peer tutoring, for free.


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