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Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing





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Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing


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Reading and Writing Series


9th Grade English

3rd session

Each week, we will go over both reading and writing skills that you are expected to have developed by the end of your Year 10 English class. The skills we be taught at an honors level, but at the pacing of a regular class.

We will be using both nonfiction and fiction pieces of literature equally as much.

Jeremy L


AP Lit Mega-Review

8th session

Each week, we'll go over 1-2 components of the AP English Literature exam to help you feel as confident as possible! We'll be going over how to find your own magic formulas for essays, different ways to analyze prose & poetry, as well as personalized strategies for the MCQ section. AP Lit is a difficult class with a (considerably even more) difficult exam–there's no doubt about it. However, I wholeheartedly believe anyone can succeed if they dedicate themselves, even if literature may not be your cup of tea :,)

Mariana M


Schoolhouse Writing Center

10th session

A space to share your writing and get feedback and peer suggestions! Each week will be the same format, and any (English-language) writing you want feedback on is eligible!

Maggie F

10 spots left!

Reading and Writing Sessions


Wednesday, April 17

  • Essay Writing and Review

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

How can you accomplish the purpose of your essay? We'll discuss the answer to this question through analysis of structure and argument. Feedback on previously written essays will also be provided.

Kaci L