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Pre-Algebra Help



Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Pre-Algebra Series


Pre Algebra reviews

7th session

Each week, we'll go over a topic of Pre-Algebra and go over any questions you may have.

Owais F

1 spot left!



Hey there! I plan to have a "pre-alegbra" bootcamp, where we have 16 classes (2 per week), so in 8 weeks you can confidently say you are READY to smash pre-algebra before school! Each lesson is 70 minutes, and so far the plan is to host it every Monday and Wednesday. 👍 I'm planning to make the tutoring sessions follow this structure: 5 min --> Intro 55 -> Content 10 min --> Kahoot Review! You can see the the syllabus I have planned for this course here, so if you do miss a couple classes you dont need to worry about any work that we need to do. []( -- Also, if any of you are interested, we can do a Kahoot tournament, and see who can rack up the most wins! - your "hopefully?" future tutor, Vinisha :) p.s Time is flexible, let me know if you would like me to host another one of these sessions at a different time

Vinisha S


Pre-Algebra Prep

2nd session

Learn Pre-Algebra in One Week. Each day we'll go over a few concepts in Pre Algebra. It wouldn't be boring like school, it would just be a few short sessions to build off of previous knowledge and help you get ahead for the next school year.

Tara O  


Get Ready for Pre Algebra!

2nd session

In each session, we will have fun preparing for Pre-Algebra! Starting with a fun game like a Gimkit, Kahoot, or Quizziz, followed by reviewing commonly missed questions!

Faith R

2 spots left!

Pre-Algebra Crash Course!

7th session

Each week we will go over a unit in pre-algebra on Khan Academy, along with thorough explanations of questions, concepts, and extra practice questions as well!

Medha S


A Complete Guide to Master Pre-Algebra


Need help with Pre-Algebra? Don't worry, as this series has got you covered. In these sessions, we will cover everything one needs to know about Pre-Algebra - from ratios to systems of equations, you name it. And also, there will be two bonus classes at the very end to help you get ready for Algebra 1.

Utkarsh J



10th session

It's okay if you're late to the math grind this summer! I'm here to do a full course over every unit in pre-algebra. Each session will consist of a lesson, practice questionnaire, and a review Kahoot. At the very end a Q&A session will be open and optional.

Chloe M


Pre-Algebra Basics and Concepts

3rd session

Learn the Pre-Algebra Basics and Concepts in this course! Whether you are reviewing or not, these concepts teach the basics of what you need to succeed in this course. If you are heading to Algebra 1 after summer, take this course to review the essentials to know before you take Algebra 1. If you aren't heading to Algebra 1, and are doing Pre Algebra after summer. This course can teach you the basics of what you need to succeed in your course. Also, This Course goes over all the pre-algebra key points. We cover about the basics of three units in one session!

Satya D


Pre-Algebra: Get ready for high school - CRASH Course


This course is based on the Canadian Public Grade 9 curriculum (MTH1W). Each week, we will cover a topic to prepare you for high school. This is good for students who are going into grade 9 or just anyone who wants to learn! Throughout sessions, you will be learning by doing. Half of the session will made up of practice questions that we will go through together.

Sandy M


Pre-Algebra Complete Mastery Guide


Welcome! Our Pre-Algebra Mastery Course offers a wide range of essential mathematical concepts, perfect for students seeking a thorough understanding. The curriculum covers various topics such as integers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, and introductory variable equations. Featuring an introductory quiz, practice group questions, quizzes, unit assessments, and a final exam. Our course ensures students build a strong and lasting foundation in Pre-Algebra. Make sure to sign up!

Akshath K