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Computer Science

Computer Science


Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Computer Science Series


Gim Design Class!

26th session

Hi all! This'll be a really relaxed and fun course, though I would encourage you to attend as many sessions as you can. We'll meet once a week, and I'll show you how to create your own game! Then we'll play some of the games that you make yourself! -Zuzu

Zuzu B


Gimkit Enthusiasts Club!

23rd session

Hello Gimkit Enthusiasts! Our stage is set on a beach. The people of Fishtopia are few and far between. Suddenly the sky opens up! One of the small gims runs around screaming, "The sky is falling! The sky is Falling!" A giant question block falls from the sky and lands in the middle of their island. With their newfound resource, the new gims start to build things. They make trees into sticks, into fishing rods. They use this resource, energy, to build their civilization, and they explore other parts of the island. Division starts to grow between gims. Those who support truth become part of the vortex faction, and those that support ideals become part of the echo faction. Each side is constantly sending spies and sabotages to remove the other side's leaders. Two entities, Vesper and "The Crafter" communicate on alternate dimension travel. "The Crafter" is obsessed with finding out the secret to cross-dimensional communication. After this happened, The Crafter worked harder. But eventually, a disastrous accident happened and the experiments merged all of the Realms/Gamemodes together, causing parts of Echo, Vortex, Fishtopia, and Farmchain to combine. The gims who didn't join either faction create a third, led by Rocky West. Their goal is to improve the world through science. They stumble upon a horrific discovery. Their world will be covered in snow. Rocky's predictions come to pass, as the gims fight through a long and cold winter. Echo, in their quest for greater knowledge and power, fly on the ship The Alphastar to Tenebris, a place their research tells them is filled with resources. This captures the interest of The Crafter, who leaves a note. Echo brings some chemical supreme on board, which the scientist pours on the plants in the garden. The plants gain a mind of their own and become evil. During their takeover, the evil plants steal keycards from members of the crew. One of the plants was created different, and stronger from the rest. The boss evil plant created 4 more like him. Three of them he entrusted with gold keycards, which when used, can unlock strong weapons and the 1st of the 10 keycards that can unlock his location When he is defeated he drops his own Wooden Wand (the weapon of the plants) which has magical properties. The player onboard the Alphastar is suspected to be the Vesper, because in Crafter’s note to Vesper, it states that he sometimes suffers from memory loss. Remembering your Roots includes someone who is confused by memories they somehow have. The spaceship has crash-landed on a deserted planet, and it's our job to build it from the ground up. We're the creators of this new-found world. So, let's get started, shall we?

Zuzu B

2 spots left!

Introduction to Python Programming

5th session

We'll be learning the fundamentals of the Python programming language. This course is intended for complete beginners, so we'll be starting with the basics and then build upon our knowledge in later sessions. We'll be going over some fun exercises and challenging problems to make coding fun!

Reyansh B


Escape Rooms, and Puzzles and, Riddles, Oh My!

26th session

Hi everyone! Every week will be a new challenge. A new obstacle to overcome. A new hurdle to jump, and a new mountain to climb. You'll learn how to adapt to a wide range of scenarios and learn things about the world we live in. And the best part? We're doing it all through games! Every week, we'll have a new puzzle to solve, or a game to play. Afterward, I'll show you how, and why it works! We'll often have a theme for our questions, which will be listed in the session description for that day. Now, let's learn something new together, shall we?

Zuzu B

7 spots left!

Introduction to Internet Theory!


Being a front-end or back-end web developer is one of the hottest careers in Computer Science nowadays, but to truly harness the power of the Internet, you need to know the theory behind it and its creation. In my series, you will come away with a greater understanding of what exactly languages like Flask and Django actually perform behind the scenes.

Aritro G


Learn Programming with Python!

6th session

In this comprehensive course, we'll go deep into the foundational concepts of Python, ensuring a good understanding of each topic. As we explore the language's core elements, you'll also have the opportunity to apply your knowledge through a series of practical challenges, enhancing your coding proficiency and problem-solving skills.

Susmit D


Introduction to Programming in Python

2nd session

We will be learning and becoming skilled in the basics of Python programming. The goal of this series is for you to be able to code basic Python games and programs with confidence. As of now, I plan for there to be eight main sessions:

Week 1: Introduction to programming, software needed to code Python, debugging, commenting, first program (print statement)

Week 2: Introduce input function, values & data types, and operators & operands

Week 3: For loop & while loop

Week 4: Functions

Week 5: Conditionals

Week 6: Strings, lists, tuples

Week 7: Files & dictionaries

Week 8: Challenge problems & final assessment

These sessions will take place every Sunday beginning Sunday, November 26, from 4 PM (CT) to 5:10 PM (CT). There will not be a session on December 24 due to my circumstances, and there may or may not be one session on December 31 (depending on if learners are going to celebrate the holidays and want a break).

To make things easier for high school students who are studying for their semester finals, I plan for sessions 3 & 4 to be shorter than normal sessions, perhaps around 40 - 50 minutes each, depending on the needs of the learners.

Additionally, I will be hosting Office Hour sessions every week for when we have a lesson beginning Saturday, December 2, for providing any help needed for (optional but recommended) homework/practice problems I will provide. Office hour sessions will last from 4 PM (CT) to 5 PM (CT). Additional help sessions can also be requested.


- Internet connection

- A computer or somewhere you can type code

Having a notebook or somewhere to jot down important notes is advised for this series. However, I will also post the slides I use to teach each session, so that learners can refer back to them when necessary.

The schedule for these sessions is subject to modification according to the needs of the learners. At the end of each session, I will provide a google form for any feedback a learner may wish to provide, and modify my series accordingly.

Cynthia C

Registration full.

Program with Python


Hi learners! Want to start coding? Python is a programming language which is suited for anyone, no prior experience required! At the end of this series, you will be able to create basic programs, and text-based games. You are not required to download a compiler, there are ones online available to use. Here is an overview of the topics we are covering: - Python Introduction - Variables and Datatype - Operators and User Input - Conditional Statements - Loops

Naman S


Community Feedback Series

5th session

Hello everybody! This is a weekly series all about YOUR ideas and feedback about your experiences with SHW. We're trying to get to know how everyone's feeling about their time in this community, and looking for suggestions about better ways to learn and engage. Specifically, we're taking this feedback and these suggestions as ways to improve and craft better AI assistance! Note that this is different from the Feedback and Ideas page, as this is specifically for the site's AI improvement. More sessions to be added every week.

Lily D


Python for A.I.

5th session

We will teach the fundamentals of A.I. and provide hand-on experience through project-based learning! We will be using Python as our base language and prepare students to create their own original A.I. projects.

Pranav B


Understanding Insurance - Advancing Financial Literacy through Programming


This series will cover different types of insurance like Health Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance and its importance in personal finance. Students will also learn how to visualize, in Python, the relationship between deductible, out-of-pocket maximum, monthly premiums etc. Students will discuss what they have learned and how these concepts apply in their daily life.

FinPro W


Introduction to CAD (Computer Aided Design)


Each session, we will build skills in order learn how to model custom parts and objects using CAD and become familiar with the software and its uses. It’s completely beginner friendly and will be hosted every Saturday from 3:00PM - 4:00PM (GMT-6), except for the first session, which is on Sunday (12/3) at the same time.

There will not be a session on 12/23 or 12/30 due to the holidays.

This schedule is subject to change based on learner feedback and my own circumstances.

We will be using OnShape (and maybe Fusion 360) in this series. Both require sign-up, which is free as long as you have a school/student email address. If you do not have a student email, you are still able to participate in the series activities by signing up for a free trial. The entire process for sign-up will be covered during the session, so no need to do this in advance.

You can still attend the series if you are unable to sign-up for either OnShape or Fusion 360, however active participation in the series’ exercises are highly recommended.

By the end of the series, you will be proficient in CAD and be ready to use it for your own designs! Excited to see you there! 💪

Angelina H


Introduction to Python Programming

10th session

We will be covering the basics of Python programming and doing some projects for practice along the way! This course is beginner friendly. This series will have sessions every Sunday from 3:00-4:00 pm CDT.

Pranav B

Registration full.

AI And Neural Networks

3rd session

We will grasp the different learning models present and take a deeper dive into the mathematical aspects of different neural networks, reinforcement learning and even LLMs like Chat-GPT

Arya D

2 spots left!

Introduction to C# Programming

9th session

We will be covering the basics of C# programming and doing some projects for practice along the way! This course is beginner friendly. This series will have sessions every Wednesday from 5-5:30 pm CDT.

Pranav B

Registration full.

Quantum Computing 101

4th session

How does quantum mechanics provide us? A pathway to run computations millions of times faster than the fastest computers. This course tackles the underlying circuitry behind this concept and sets you off on your journey of gaining a solid grasp of this fantastical field!

Arya D

2 spots left!

How ideas from Computer Science and Physics affect our lives

23rd session

We'll go through important ideas in the domain of Computer Science (Game Theory, Exploration/Exploitation tradeoff, Search and Decision making in uncertainty etc.) and Physics (Concept of relativity and time, resonance, entropy/information etc) and understand how we can apply these concepts to understand aspects of our own lives. These sessions will be interactive, so you'll be the explorers and I'll be your guide.

Pratik A


Full Frontend Bootcamp: Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


The full BEGINNER frontend guide! We will learn 3 of the most important languages to begin your frontend journey! Throughout this course, you'll learn web development languages to help you build projects like a recipe book, calculator, landing page, portfolio, and much much more!

We'll learn: HTML - To display content on your website CSS - To style the content on your website JavaScript - To add functionality to your website This course will also assign projects every one or two weeks. These projects are optional, but they are a good way to test your skills! The next class after the project being assigned, those who chose to complete it, can choose to present their project. Hope to see you there! All you need is a computer. I will help you set up a code editor of your choice (there will be multiple options depending on how powerful your computer is).

For any questions, please feel free to message in this session's public discussion or message me.

Pranav K

Registration full.

Introduction to Python Programming


We'll be learning the fundamentals of the Python programming language. This course is intended for complete beginners, so we'll be starting with the basics and then build upon our knowledge in later sessions. We'll be going over some fun exercises and challenging problems to make coding fun!

Reyansh B


💻 Beginner Coding Workshop: Website Development 💻


Have you never made a website before? Do you need a good intro to website development?

If so, this series is for you! For each session, we will learn each key portion of website development such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

During this series, you will make your own website to replit about you and add to it from what you have learned!

Saran W


AP Computer Science Principles - FROM APCS 5 SCORER


Each week, we will be going over a topic from AP Computer Science Principles. I will also be going over how to complete a performance task!

Humphrey H


Programming: Art, Websites, Games, & more!


Jeremy L


Introduction to UNIX

20th session

We will cover UNIX fundamentals, Linux, and server-side programming. A link to the syllabus will be shared in class.

Juni K

Registration closed.

Computer Science Sessions


Monday, December 4

Largest Consecutive Product 2D Array

2:00 AM - 2:30 AM

This session is to answer a help request by Zeph, but you can join if you want to see how to work through these kinds of problems.

Reyansh B

2 spots left!