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College Advice Series


Intro to Research


Note: For now, this will be conducted every Wednesday at 9:30AM EST. I'm currently looking for a co-host, after which, more sessions will be added on different topics and for different timezones. Please DM me if you'd like to request a different time.

We'll be starting with beginner sessions to introduce you to research, including different fields of research and how each area of study conducts research differently. Then, we'll follow-up with sessions led by people who are currently doing or have done research like postgraduate students or those who are part of research programs. They'll go a little deeper into research in their specific field, and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions. We'll wrap things up with a session discussing careers in research, and not just academia!

At the end of this series, I hope that those of you who are considering research will have a better idea of whether you want to start research, and in what field! 😄📝

Kai Ming L


What, Where, and How: College Edition


What, where and how? These are questions students ask themselves before, during, and after the college application. Luckily, in this series, the College Advice Moderator team will guide you through these uncertainties!

🧩What & Where: Tips and tricks on picking colleges to apply to. We will be talking about what you should look for in a college and what things are green flags. This is for anyone who plans to apply to college.

📈How: Once you've gotten in, how do you prepare for college? Some tips on how to succeed, what to bring (packing list), and how to manage your time. This is for people heading into college this fall!

This series we will be hosting TWO different sessions: What & Where session and How session. Please be sure to join the session that is applicable to you.

Cindy A

9 spots left!

College Advice Sessions


Friday, May 24

  • AMA Research and How to Read a Scientific Article!

12:00 AM - 1:00 AM

We'll go through the steps and questions you can ask yourself while you're reading a primary scientific research paper. We can also go through how to search for a topic through a database if there's time! At the end, we'll have an AMA on your general questions about research!

Sharon V