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Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Chemistry Series


Chem Club


Welcome to Chem Club! This series is for all you chemistry enthusiasts to learn new and exciting topics typically not typically taught in schools and to share your passion of chem with others.

This series serves as a chem community engagement series hosted by the moderators to bring a stronger sense of community and connections between members of the chem subworld.

Each week we will cover a new topic and play fun games such as Kahoots to challenge our knowledge.

Feel free to join sessions as and when you are able to, but we would love to have you as regular participants and form a consistent group. Looking forward to seeing you in sessions.

Claire S


AP Chemistry Crash Course

22nd session

Hi, my name is Keagan and I am a college freshman that scored a 5 on the AP Chemistry exam. In this course, we will go through every topic in AP Chemistry while understanding what tips and tricks we can use to get a 5 on the exam. This session will include lessons covering content and relevant practice questions for you to work through. Sessions will be every Saturday at 2pm EST. I will also occasionally host office hours to provide 1 on 1 help with topics or homework you may be struggling with.

Keagan B


Getting a 5 in AP Chemistry

9th session

Hello, my name is Kush, and I am a college freshman who got a 5 on the AP Chemistry Exam and an A+ in the class! This series is different as we go over the strategies to answer REAL Multiple Choice and Free Response Questions so you do your best on the exam! This series is designed to help you do well in your class and get a 5 on the AP Chem Exam in May.

Kush K


AP Chemistry Course Supplement

5th session

Hello everyone! Are you taking AP Chemistry this school year? If so, this series will be a great match for you! In each session, we will get an overview of the unit. We will begin with easier practice problems to gain a basic understanding of the topics. Then we will progressively move our way toward more challenging ones to solidify that understanding. AP Chemistry is a daunting course that may be difficult to understand. If you have any questions, please do not be afraid to ask! I was once in your shoes as a chemistry student and completely understand how you feel. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me, and we can schedule office hours in your free time! Note: Ideally, I would have started this series at the beginning of the school year, but I was quite busy in the beginning. Instead, it will start a few weeks before midterms. Doing so will allows us quickly cover the beginning units, as you review for your midterms! Afterwards, in second semester, we will slow down and move at a more ideal pace for the later topics. Qualifications/About me: - I am a senior in high school. Hopefully I won't be too intimidating like a chemistry teacher ;D - I took AP Chemistry in my sophomore year and earned a 5 on the exam and an A in the class - I have tutored AP Chemistry for over a year on (throughout junior year and senior summer). Rest assured!

Justin L

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AP Chemistry and Beyond- Gaining the Conceptual Understanding

4th session

Hello everyone! I'm Rohan, currently a junior in high school. I'm a Chemistry Olympiad National Finalist (one of 1,000 from the US), I got a five on the AP last May, and I tutored AP Chem the entirety of last year. This series will, of course, go over the AP course content- but it won't just be a surface-level overview. I believe the best way to learn something is to truly understand it, and that's what we'll be doing in this series, analyzing in-depth each major topic on the AP exam, not just going over the "what", but more importantly, the "why"- so that by the end, you'll not only be prepared for the AP, but you'll have a holistic understanding of chemical phenomena that will aid you in your future scientific endeavors.

Rohan V

Registration full.

Chemistry Sessions


Wednesday, December 6

1 to 1 help for Mengmeng

1:00 AM - 2:00 AM

Review AP chem topics

Anya B