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Calculus Help






Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Calculus Series


AP Calculus BC Review

2nd session

AP Test Preparation

Jonah K


Get Ready for Multivariable Calculus


We will go over some topics essential to understand Multivariable Calculus building on topics learned in BC Calculus.
Please note, that you will not be able to skip a multivariable calculus class by only knowing these topics, but instead, you will have a stronger baseline when you take the class.
We will go over:
Lines and Planes
Dot and Cross Products
Derivatives and Integrals of Vectors
Curvature and Parametrization
Introducing Multivariable functions
Limits and Partial Derivatives
Double and Triple Integrals

Ali A


Preparation for post-calculus math


This is a series happening during the summer. You can join and leave any time!

My goal in this series is to prepare learners for a rigorous mathematically focused curriculum. The environment of college mathematics can be intimidating and uninviting, but practice and rigorous focus can improve one's abilities.

If you completed Calculus AB or BC (1 or 2), it seems as if school mathematics has been essentially completed. However, many of you may attend college to do more advanced math courses or continue in high school. As someone who has studied many topics and taken tests for many, I am well-versed in the language of post-calculus mathematics.

The time commitment will be different for everyone. Here are some people who may want to attend this series:

1. For those who want to prepare for a course next year, I will host weekly sessions on the weekend to teach stuff involving multivariable calculus and linear algebra.

2. For others who are generally interested in mathematics, I may host weekday sessions to expose people to an introduction to a variety of topics.

3. For individualized help, I may be able to help with some introductory college subjects. Note that my experience is limited though I will be willing to help when I can.

Here are some things I can help with:
-linear algebra
-multivariable calc
-diff eq
-proof techniques
-math in physics
-some other stuff

This will be a learning experience for both of us, and I hope to provide a comfortable learning experience to expose you to the wonderful world of post-calculus mathematics!

Dylan P


AP® Calculus AB Exam Only (2024-25 Year)


This series is still appropriate for students taking an actual AP Calculus AB course, but will assume you are not taking an actual course

Thinking of taking the AP exam next year and don't want to/can't take the course? You've found the perfect series!

This series will be treated as close to a formal class as possible; the only difference being that it follows a mastery learning method (meaning that it allows ALL students to be caught up with everyone else at once) as opposed to traditional learning (where everyone must follow the same pace as everyone else). This means that several quizzes and tests will be assigned throughout the series. And in order to execute this idea of a formal yet mastery learning class, I will only allow us to advance to next concepts if everyone scores a 90% or higher on these assessments to make the series as easy sailing as possible.

Self-studying for an AP exam requires a lot discipline, and so you are expected to be prepared to attend the 5 sessions a week (45 minutes each session), although it's fully expected that you'll miss a few sessions here and there.

Because of this mastery learning method, you will be withdrawn if you still cannot score over a 90% on an assessment assigned over a week ago. If this does happen, i might make another series dedicated to those who've been withdrawn from the series so that you can catchup on your own pace without the guilt of slowing everyone else down.

I can always schedule a Catchup/Office hours session by request if you were absent for a session/need extra help with a topic.

Jeremy L


Ariana's study session series


Please do not join unless you are Ariana who asked me for Calculus help.

Garrett Z