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Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Calculus Series


AP Calc BC Exam Prep: Free Response Questions

13th session

Each week leading up to the AP Exam, we will practice for the Free Response Section by using real questions from past exams and going over topics that frequently appear in that section.
Currently, there will be one session per week (not all sessions are created yet) but I might add more leading up to the exam.

Background Knowledge: You should be in a Calculus 1 and 2 course of some kind--even if it's not AP. I will not be going through every single topic, just how the topics appear on the exam.

A Rough Outline of the Series: (might change based on what you all need)
First Week: Introduction and Icebreaker activity
Second and Third Week: What the FRQ section is like (format, timing, topics, etc.) Showing your work and justifying
Fourth-Eleventh Weeks: Content Review and practice using exam questions.
Twelfth Week-Onward: Timed drills, specific topic review, Timed practice of complete FRQ sections
May 13th: Ace the FRQ section on the BC exam!

Taaran K

Registration full.

AP Calculus AB Review

12th session

This series is aimed to prepare you for the AB Calculus AP Test. The first half will be review of content covered in the AP Test, while the second half will be dedicated to practicing exam questions and strategies for the exam. I recommend to attend if you're currently taking Calculus AB or plan on taking the AP Test for it.

Ronak S

5 spots left!

Going over Calculus AB Topics

3rd session

I will host sessions where I will go over Calculus topics one at a time. Message me topics/problem types you would like me to cover and I will dedicate a session towards it!

Adan B



3rd session

Each week, we will go over an FRQ topic from the AP Calc AB exam to help you nail this portion of the test!

Laura J

Registration full.

AP Calculus AB Test Questions Review


Hello Everyone👋! As you guys know, the AP Calculus Test is comming up in May. As someone that got a 5 last year, I am excited to help others achieve their dream score💪. I will be hosting 7 sessions in total, including one final review session. 3 sessions will be going over general MCQs, and the other 3 will be going over general FRQs.
I am open to go over any specific problems or questions learners have!

Anyelina J


AP Calculus BC exam study group

21st session

Do you want to succeed on the AP Calc BC final exam? If so (which will probably be quite a few of you), this series is a great opportunity to make sure you are prepared. You can join this class at any time.

Every week, we will start with a review of some topic, then go through a few practice problems from the AP test (both multiple-choice and free response), and then end with challenging problems to work through together.

Here's the BC curriculum for reference (# of sessions are approximate):
1. Limits and continuity (1 session)
2: Differentiation definition and fundamental properties (1 session)
3: Differentiation: Composite, implicit, and inverse functions. (1 session)
4: Contextual applications of differentiation (1 session)
5: Analytical applications of differentiation (1 session)
6: Integration; accumulation of change (2 sessions)
7: Differential equations (2 sessions)
8: Applications of integration (3 sessions)
9: Parametric Equations, Polar coordinates, and vector functions (3 sessions)
10: Sequences and series (3 sessions)

Come to office hours for 1-1 or extra tutoring.


Dylan P

6 spots left!

AP Calculus AB Exam Review

7th session

We will cover each unit every week and do official CollegeBoard MCQs and FRQs. We will also go over strategies for tackling certain problems.

Johanna P

2 spots left!

Calculus AB

5th session

We'll review Calculus AB with a focus on solving problems

William W

Registration full.

AP Calc AB Review for the AP Exam

15th session

Each week we will review a unit of AP Calc AB. We will also do AP-style practice problems for each unit.

** More sessions will be added later**

Neil K

8 spots left!

AP Calculus AB Clinic

3rd session

A one stop shop for your Calculus AB needs !
As somebody who got a 5 last year, I can assure that you can achieve a high score too‼️ Join my sessions to dramatically improve your test results or message me for any times you are available and I can create sessions tailored for you🔥 Let’s strive for five💰❗️

Aadi G


Calc AB review

10th session

Each week we'll review one unit by doing problems and going over concepts. There will be some problem sets to do for practice in between sessions as well. I will cover all 8 units over 10 weeks.

Niti P

6 spots left!

General Calculus Q&A and Study Help

5th session

I will host open sessions for anyone with general calculus questions or problems they want help with. Feel free to hop in! Please message me your problems ahead of time (even if its the same day an hour or two before) so I can prepare!

Adan B

Registration full.

Calculus Group

28th session

This group is for Calculus students to learn math together!

Schoolhouse Math Matching T

Registration closed.

Calculus Review for Margaret S

2nd session

Helping a learner with general calculus review!

These sessions were created specifically for Margaret S, but anyone is welcome to join :)

Owen G

Registration full.

Calculus Review for Sarah I

14th session

Helping a learner with general calculus review!

These sessions were created at the request of Sarah I, but anyone is welcome to join :)

Owen G

Registration full.

Calculus Group

24th session

This group is for Calculus students to learn math together!

Schoolhouse Math Matching T

Registration closed.

AP Calculus AB Exam Only (2024-25)


This series is still appropriate for students taking an actual AP Calculus AB course, but will assume you are not taking an actual course

Thinking of taking the AP exam next year and don't want to/can't take the course? You've found the perfect series!

This series will be treated as close to a formal class as possible; the only difference being that it follows a mastery learning method (meaning that it allows ALL students to be caught up with everyone else at once) as opposed to taditional learning (where everyone must follow the same pace as everyone else). This means that several quizzes and tests will be assigned throughout the series. And in order to execute this idea of a formal yet mastery learning class, I will only allow us to advance to next concepts if everyone scores a 90% or higher on these assessments to make the series as easy sailing as possible.

Self-studying for an AP exam requires a lot discipline, and so you are expected to be prepared to attend the 5 sessions a week (45 minutes each session), although it's fully expected that you'll miss a few sessions here and there.

Because of this mastery learning method, you will be withdrawn if you still cannot score over a 90% on an assessment assigned over a week ago. If this does happen, i might make another series dedicated to those who've been withdrawn from the series so that you can catchup on your own pace without the guilt of slowing everyone else down.

I can always schedule a Catchup/Office hours session by request if you were absent for a session/need extra help with a topic.

Jeremy L


Calculus in AMC 12

18th session

This series is hosted every Saturday for 2 1/2 hrs spanning over 2 sessions per day. We will spend the first session to solve an AMC 12 problem set from previous years and use the second session to discuss solutions. Special emphasis on using Calculus to simplify solutions will be presented.

Juni K

Registration closed.

Calculus Sessions


Saturday, April 20

  • Integration Bee ∫ 2024 dx

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

An Integration Bee is a math competition where competitors race to solve integrals fastest. It might not surprise you that this competition originated at MIT, but now many other universities host Integration Bees as a fun way for people to develop their Calculus skills and compete against other math-lovers.

You can register as a competitor or a spectator and if you change your mind later, please send me (or another Calculus mod) a message so we can update your status for the tournament bracket.

Erik U, Athena Z, and 1 other