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Algebra 2

Algebra 2





Algebra 2 Help



Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Algebra 2 Series


Super Crash Course in Algebra 2!!

10th session

This crash course will occur from Monday through Thursday, and will last three weeks! Each day, we will go through one unit, and there will be two sessions a day. If you want a quick and comprehensive review or education of Algebra 2, this course is for you!

Siena Z

1 spot left!

Algebra II Study

43rd session

Everyone looking forward for any type of help in Algebra II can join any of the sessions. This series is for anyone who is interested in Algebra II, whether you are looking to go over the entire curriculum over the summer, whether you are looking to cover just some topics in Algebra II, whether you need help studying or review for a test, or even if you're just looking to review Algebra II. For those who want to learn Algebra II over the summer, we'll do the Khan Academy curriculum and try to do as much as we can over the summer. For those who have just a Algebra II question or doubt or need help reviewing for an exam or who just need help in Algebra II, feel free to join any of the sessions and I'd be happy to help.

Anish R

Registration full.

Kickstart Algebra 2: Course for Zaniyah


[Note: This course is specifically tailored to Zaniyah's needs and schedule.] From July 9th to August 20th, we'll meet for an hour each week to tackle key topics and prepare for the upcoming school year. Here's the schedule: - Polynomials I - Polynomials II - Rational Exponents and Radicals - Logarithms - Function Transformation & Equations - Trigonometry - Complex Numbers, and Recap Looking forward to exploring Algebra 2 with you this summer.

Qiuyuyan L

Registration closed.

Algebra 2 Summer Series is here!

7th session

Hi everyone! This is a summer series to go through the entire Algebra 2 unit so that you may have a nice head-start for your next academic year. I will also help learners clear any doubts related to Algebra (2). Feel free to join in 😁

Joyneel B

Registration full.

Algebra 2 July Introduction

7th session

I plan to go over everything Polynomials as they are the base for all of Algebra 2, Exponential and Logarithm models, and the basics of Trigonometry! Whether you're taking Algebra 2 over the summer, getting a head start for the fall, or are just interested in advancing in math, this session is open to all! All you need to participate is a pencil, a sheet of paper, and a curious mind!

Himanshi L


Algebra 2 Full-Course Walkthrough

5th session

Welcome to our Algebra 2 Full-Course Walkthrough! In this series, we will cover all the topics in Algebra II and work on practice problems to help strengthen your Algebra II skills. We meet every week once on Thursday from 8pm to 9pm EST and Saturday from 8pm to 9pm EST. Thanks everyone!

Jai P

1 spot left!

Get Ready For Algebra 2: KHAN ACADEMY

3rd session

Each week we will go over a different subject with khan academy's "Get Ready For Algebra 2" questions.

Sam Q