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Algebra 2

Algebra 2





Algebra 2 Help



Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Algebra 2 Series


Get Ready for Algebra 2

37th session

In this series we'll be going through the [Get Ready for Algebra 2]( course on Khan Academy. We'll be reviewing topics from Algebra 1 and Geometry as well as any other necessary topics to ensure that you have a solid foundation heading into Algebra 2. This series was created for Keda Via I, so although the material will be geared towards their progress, anyone is welcome to join and follow along.

Joe H

Registration full.


2nd session

In this series, I aim to explain trigonometry, from its beginnings, using discovery-based learning where my aim is to discuss with you excellent problems that motivates the formulas and helps you discover the theorems yourself. I main focus will be to master [unit 11: trigonometry]( in Algebra 2, but we can study other relevant units as we see fit.

Adnan M


Algebra for SAT Math

3rd session

We will go over the necessary algebra skills for SAT Math. We will cover topics ranging from solving equations to trigonometric functions. You will learn by solving practice tests.

Jimmy S

Registration closed.

Super Crash Course in Algebra 2!!

10th session

This crash course will occur from Monday through Thursday, and will last three weeks! Each day, we will go through one unit, and there will be two sessions a day. If you want a quick and comprehensive review or education of Algebra 2, this course is for you!

Siena Z

Registration full.

Get Ready for Algebra 2

9th session

Welcome! In this series, will we be preparing for your Algebra 2 journey together. We will be strengthing your Algebra foundations so you will walk into your first day feeling confident and prepared. I can't wait to embark on this journey with you.

Charlotte M

1 spot left!

Algebra 2 Full-Course

7th session

Note: The times listed for the sessions may change if they don't work for everyone, just let me know. This series will go from about the start of July to early September. Throughout this course, you will explore equations and inequalities, linear equations & systems, matrices, radical expressions, polynomial equations, advanced functions, sequences & series as well as probability & statistics. You will also delve into trigonometry, covering trigonometric functions, graphs & identities. You will have five total units of study, and a unit test at the end of each unit. - First Degree Equations & Inequalities - Polynomial and Radical Equations & Inequalities - Advanced Functions & Relations - Discrete Mathematics - Trigonometry

Elijah H

Registration closed.

Help in Algebra 2 Study

11th session

Each session, well go through topics and units that learners would like to be taught. The series might say that their are only 2 sessions, but don't worry, I will keep adding more sessions.

Wali O

2 spots left!

Algebra II Study

43rd session

Everyone looking forward for any type of help in Algebra II can join any of the sessions. This series is for anyone who is interested in Algebra II, whether you are looking to go over the entire curriculum over the summer, whether you are looking to cover just some topics in Algebra II, whether you need help studying or review for a test, or even if you're just looking to review Algebra II. For those who want to learn Algebra II over the summer, we'll do the Khan Academy curriculum and try to do as much as we can over the summer. For those who have just a Algebra II question or doubt or need help reviewing for an exam or who just need help in Algebra II, feel free to join any of the sessions and I'd be happy to help.

Anish R

Registration full.


7th session

We will go over any units or topics you are struggling with to help you better understand and be more prepared for exams.

Minhtam O

Registration full.

Algebra II Full Course Pack

8th session

Are you preparing to take on Algebra II next year? Feeling a bit lost when it comes to certain topics? Fret not, because you've come to the right place. Welcome to the Algebra II Full Crash Course series! Over the course of this summer, we will delve into nearly every topic in depth, studying together to ensure you're well-prepared for the upcoming school year. This series will also continue into the next school year, giving you a head start and helping you excel in all your quizzes and major assessments. We will also create new formulas and new methods of solving to make certain topics look easier. The only expectation is for you to be interactive and try to attend every session. Let's pave the way for your success in Algebra II!

Harshita B


Algebra 2 Group

41st session

This group is for Algebra 2 students to learn math together!

Schoolhouse Math Matching T

Registration closed.

Algebra II Study 'n' Chill

7th session

Hello! This is a four-week study series meant for everyone. Whether you're going into Algebra II, want to brush up on some concepts, or even want to skip it, I'm here to review whatever you need support in. Hope to see you there!

Diego I


Algebra 2 Headstart

11th session

We will be covering all topics of Algebra 2 using Khan Academy, hoping to get a headstart on these topics during the summer!

Arav B

4 spots left!

Algebra 2 Summer Series is here!

7th session

Hi everyone! This is a summer series to go through the entire Algebra 2 unit so that you may have a nice head-start for your next academic year. I will also help learners clear any doubts related to Algebra (2). Feel free to join in 😁

Joyneel B

Registration full.

Algebra 2 July Introduction

7th session

I plan to go over everything Polynomials as they are the base for all of Algebra 2, Exponential and Logarithm models, and the basics of Trigonometry! Whether you're taking Algebra 2 over the summer, getting a head start for the fall, or are just interested in advancing in math, this session is open to all! All you need to participate is a pencil, a sheet of paper, and a curious mind!

Himanshi L


Algebra 2 Full-Course Walkthrough

5th session

Welcome to our Algebra 2 Full-Course Walkthrough! In this series, we will cover all the topics in Algebra II and work on practice problems to help strengthen your Algebra II skills. We meet every week once on Thursday from 8pm to 9pm EST and Saturday from 8pm to 9pm EST. Thanks everyone!

Jai P

1 spot left!

Algebra 2 help for Shubhi

2nd session

Session plan: We will go over concepts you need to cover and do practice problems.

Aditya T

Registration closed.

Algebra 2: Polynomial Arithmetic unit

2nd session

we will be finishing this unit over the span of a few sessions. I hope we have fun together!

Aman D


Get Ready For Algebra 2: KHAN ACADEMY

3rd session

Each week we will go over a different subject with khan academy's "Get Ready For Algebra 2" questions.

Sam Q


Algebra II Guide

4th session

We'll go over the Khan Academy curriculum to either review Algebra II or look ahead to the school year.

Nidhi M


Get ready for Algebra 2

6th session

Series plan: I'll teach the get ready for algebra 2 course on Khan Academy. There are 6 units, we'll work on a new unit each week. Also learners can come in with their own questions they need help with or ask questions on any topics or problems you may be confused on. Learners will also get time to practice the topic and try some problems. Please some prepared each session with a pencil and a paper to practice the lesson. This series is meant to help prepare for algebra 2 if you're taking it in fall or you can join for fun and learning too! :)

Aditya T


!!! Algebra 2 Ultimate Crash Course !!!


🔥🔥Need help with Algebra 2? Or do you want to get a head-start in the classroom? Don't worry, as this series has got you covered! In these sessions, we will cover everything one needs to know about Algebra 2 - from polynomial division to conditional probability, you name it. And also, there will be two bonus classes at the very end to help you get ready for Pre-Calculus. 🔥🔥

Utkarsh J


Week of Combinatorics!


Combinatorics! A math subject concerned with ... counting? Not much math background is required to join and learn! I'm flexible on changing the difficulty of the class depending on experience levels. I'll be covering foundational topics so you can answer questions such as : How many ways are there to arrange 5 people in a line? How many ways can you roll two distinguishable dice such that the sum of their values is not 5? and more :D Join if you find any of the topics interesting, or just want to see cool math, I'm planning on having a lot of problem solving rather than plain teaching

Linnrue W  


Algebra II study group (review of preliminary knowledge)

13th session

This series is for Anatoil, (as we will cover any knowledge gaps from algebra 1 till pre-calculus if necessary). (review of preliminary knowledge to algera II) Although, Feel free to join any session you want that we'll go over!

Kritan S

Registration full.

Algebra 2 Sessions


Friday, July 26

  • Complex Numbers Topic Review

10:00 PM - 11:00 PM

I hosted a series earlier this summer and did not get to cover complex numbers in depth. Although this a make-up class, anyone is welcome to join!

- Complex numbers (Algebra II-level)
- Imaginary i
- Complex numbers intro/Rectangular form
- The complex plane
- Complex numbers operations
- Complex numbers (Precalculus-level)
- Complex conjugates
- Modulus and argument/Polar form
- De Moivre’s Theorem
- Fundamental theorem of Algebra

Piyush M


Sunday, July 28

  • Polynomials, Degrees, and their Operations

2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

We will walk through how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide polynomials as well as review how to identify the degree of terms!

Sahil R

  • General Algebra II Q&A :D

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Hiya! Feel free to drop by with any questions over Algebra II or if you want to learn something new today!

Dominik D