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Algebra 2

Algebra 2





Algebra 2 Help



Algebra 2

Algebra 2


Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Algebra 2 Series


Algebra II study group (review of preliminary knowledge)

10th session

This series is for Anatoil, (as we will cover any knowledge gaps from algebra 1 till pre-calculus if necessary).

(review of preliminary knowledge to algera II)

Feel free to join any session you want that we'll go over!

Kritan S

Registration full.

Algebra 2 Polynomials Full Course

2nd session

We will be covering all the topics in Algebra 2 that have to do with Polynomials. It would be helpful if you had some higher-level understanding of math concepts such as basic coordinate graphing and how to do basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

The topics from Khan Academy we will be covering are:
- Multiplying by Polynomials
- Polynomial Factorization
- Polynomial Division
- Polynomial Graphs

Hemanth N


Algebra 2 Prep

3rd session


Will-Ann W

Registration closed.

Algebra 2 Study Group

11th session

Series Overview
  • This series will cover the content of a typical Honors Algebra II class, including some Pre-Calculus Concepts
  • By the end of this series, you should be able to get certified in all of Algebra 2 and the Matrices Unit of Pre-Cal.
  • The content for this course is split into two semesters, each semester containing 7 chapters of content. You will have a final test at the end of each semester with 45-60 questions from all chapters before it.
  • You will receive a semester grade based on your performance on warmups, quizzes, tests and exams. This allows us to track your progress and see how well you understand key concepts.

Series Outline & Pacing
  • Unit 1: First Degree Equations & Inequalities (Ch 1-4)
  • Unit 2: Polynomial and Radical Equations & Inequalities (Ch 5-7)
  • Unit 3: Advanced Functions & Relations (Ch 8-10)
  • Unit 4: Discrete Mathematics (Ch 11-12)
  • Unit 5: Trigonometry (Ch 13-14)

  • This course will go at a very quick pace, with each chapter taking about 2-3 sessions. With the current schedule, we should finish in about 3-4 months. The current schedule is not set and may change.

Elijah H

Registration closed.


4th session

We will be covering the entirety of trigonometry and logs so you are all prepared for your finals in the next few months. We can also do an overall Q&A if you need any additional help!

Sam Q

2 spots left!

Algebra 2 Group

32nd session

This group is for Algebra 2 students to learn math together!

Schoolhouse Math Matching T

Registration closed.

Algebra 2 + Help

5th session

I know what it is like to struggle in math. However, I also know how to get better at math when you are not naturally inclined to it. I like to explain things in ways specific to you, and help you not only learn concepts but retain them after our lessons.

Each session we will go over one topic. I also can answer any homework problems you have.

Session 1: Polynomial division
Session 2: Complex numbers
Session 3: Polynomial factorization
Session 4: TBD
Session 5: Polynomial graphs
Session 6: Rational exponents and radicals

Rhea C

Registration full.

General Algebra 2 Q/A

24th session

Each week, we'll be covering any questions as well as concepts you may be struggling with in Algebra 2. This ranges from homework to topics covered from this course. These sessions are also a place for you to have dedicated study sessions for Algebra 2.

Anaha P

4 spots left!

Algebra 2 Half Course Units 1-6

2nd session

Each Sunday, I will go over 1 unit of Algebra 2 for 6 weeks. There will be small lessons and some practice problems at the end!

Aahan S

Registration closed.

Trigonometry and Modelling

3rd session

This session is made to help Marleny G with trigonometry and Modelling.

Maddox F


4 Week Algebra 2 BOOTCAMP

3rd session

Each week, we'll work through some Khan Academy review problems in the Algebra 2 course and then open up to a Q&A. The goal of this series is to help you guys brush up on some concepts you may have forgotten and make sure you crush your finals!

Maddox F


Get ready for Algebra 2


To be added

Aditya T


Summer Algebra 2 Study!


Welcome Math Learners!!

In this series we will be going over the topics in Algebra 2. This series is designed for people who want to learn Algebra 2 over the summer so that they are prepared for the next school year. However, anyone can join this session if they want a review or struggled with some of these topics. When we learn in this session, I want to help you learn by relating some of these complex topics with topics that we have already seen before! I know this study technique really helped me and I hope I can help you too :D

Diya R


Algebra 2 Sessions


Wednesday, April 24

  • Algebra 2 Kahoot! review and Q&A.

8:30 PM - 10:00 PM

We'll go play Kahoot! and touch on every major concept in Algebra 2. Then we'll go over the most missed questions from the game, and finally end with a Q&A. The purpose of this session is to give students a review of Algebra 2 and help locate concepts that need to be brushed up on before finals.

Maddox F

  • Polynomial Arithmetic

11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Going over topics such as average rate of change, adding/subtracting polynomials, and multiplying polynomials. If you have any questions on any specific topic, I'd be happy to answer them!

Ani B