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Algebra 1

Algebra 1





Algebra 1 Help



Algebra 1

Algebra 1


Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Algebra 1 Series


Algebra I Crash Course + Review


We'll go through most of the important topics in Algebra I. We'll start with the foundations of Algebra and work our way to graphing lines and solving complicated equations. We will also go over problems frequently and this course will include review concepts to refresh your mind, but also go more into concepts you might have not seen before!

Aryan T


Algebra 1 Honors SOL Prep Series


🕓 When: Wednesdays, 8:30 am to 9:30 am (Eastern Standard Time)

📅 Length: 10 weeks (June 19 - August 21)

📝 Topics: Expressions, operations, equations, inequalities, functions, statistics

📚 Recommended resources: Khan Academy account, paper/pencil

⭐ Pro tip: Turn on your camera and interact with the material for the best learning experience!

Mihika S


Quadratics A-Z


I’ll cover all topics of quadratic questions. Learners should expect to participate in the lessons and come in ready to learn.

Aditya T

2 spots left!

Algebra 1 Full Run-Through


I will host three sessions a week in which we will run through the topics covered for Algebra 1 through a slide deck that I update as we go along. Out of those three sessions, two a week will progress down the units, and one will be office hours to clear up any doubts and questions anyone may have along with homework help. People who already took Algebra 1 and would like to review it and also people wishing to take Algebra 1 in the future are all welcome! It'll be great to meet you soon!

Kautik M


Get ready for Algebra 1!

5th session

Series plan: Series scheduled to be two sessions per week(one on lessons and other for extra help) so each session will be covering a lot. It is meant to prepare you for Algebra 1. Each session, I will teach an algebra topic unit. Learner participation is necessary to achieve success in this series and learners are expected to participate. Learners will get time to practice the topic and try many problems. You will also get homework.
Please come prepared each session with a pencil, paper, and a calculator to practice the lesson.

Aditya T

2 spots left!

Homework Help and/or Algebra 1 on Khan

23rd session

Hi, this session is open to anyone who wants help or extra practice in algebra! I'll be going through the Algebra 1 course on Khan Academy. We can work through this course together or go over topics you guys bring up or do homework.

Maria J

Registration full.

Algebra 1 Sessions



  • Preparing for Algebra 1: Algebra Foundations

11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

😀Welcome to the session where we’ll get a headstart on Algebra 1! This class will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of algebra so you can succeed next school year. We'll cover the use of variables, substitution, and like terms. 🎉

Ananthaa M