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Shreeja S

Joined Sep 2023 · She/Her


Hi! I'm a high school student and I'm here to help out students with Maths! I love painting and reading novels.


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Upcoming Sessions

Community · Series

Shreeja's Intro to Grammar - Reading and Writing Pilot

    7th session

Do you want to master the basics of grammar and improve your writing skills? If so, join me for a series of fun and interactive tutoring sessions that will cover the essential topics of grammar. You will learn how to use different parts of speech, construct sentences, and express yourself clearly and accurately. Each session will include an objective, content, and exercises to help you practice and reinforce your learning.

English Help Pilot ! and ...


Experimental · Series

🌲Eco-Green Study Spaces With The Flowtime Technique!🌲

    28th session

Have you ever been frustrated by studies?🙇🏼 We're here to help! Ask any of the tutors—Vivian, Kindness, Pranu, Aayushman, Sarah, Laeticia, Mengmeng, Preethika, Shreeja, or Jocelyn—about studies📖. We hope that our qualified tutors can help you on your problems. At the same time, feel free to give us feedback on anything about the sessions: music, themes, etc. Here's the best part: The background would be eco-lively green🍀, and we will have calm and relaxing music🎧 so that people could study comfortably. We'll be using the Flowtime Technique, or what we call the "Flowing Method", which is our secret(please don't tell it!). It includes 20 minutes of silent study time (although you're welcome to use the chat at any time). Then, we'll have 8 minutes of free chatting and games. Cameras can be on, or if you're a little bit shy, you can turn off the camera (which is cool too). We shall respond on polls and study interesting topics. Also, we shall have a GREAT NEWS from now on, we are open to to-do lists in the sessions, keep yourself motivated and happy learning! Hope to see you in the sessions! 😆😆😆 TUTORS' SHOWCASE: Vivian: Tutors SAT Reading, Science, Pre-algebra, geometry, US government and politics, spanish, chinese. Kindness: Experienced study spaces host; tutors the SAT and AP Calc, Stats, Chem, and Phys. Pranu: Major in AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, AP US Government and Politics, AP US History, AP Calculus AB, Python, Computer Science, Art, sculpturing, and has lots of prior experience for helping students on their problems. Mengmeng: Tutors AP Statistics, Algebra 2, Precalculus, AP Calculus AB, Spanish up to AP level, Chemistry, Biology, Geoetry, Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, physics, some of ap physics 1 (unit 1), High school level physics, Chinese, SAT Math. Preethika: Tutors Algebra 1, Geometry, Pre-algebra, Algebra 2, Public Speaking, Essay Feedback. Note: More sessions will be added. The hosts that will be in the sessions shall be listed. We will be looking forward to a worldwide series at all times. NOTIFICATIONS: 1# Game suggestions open!🕹️ 2# Tell us how we can improve! 😄 3# There are too many cohosts...inbox closed off.☹️ 4# Remember to bring along a cup of water in order to improve study consistancy! ☕ Please pardon, you may hit a session with the Pomodoro method. Some of our tutors are not yet used to using the Flowtime method.


Vivian P and 8 others

4 spots left!

SAT® Prep · Session

Digital SAT season 🎉: Everything to Know about the DSAT

It's officially Digital SAT season by March 9. The SAT will now be digital for everyone worldwide. There are significant changes you need to know to better prepare. We'll cover the new test format, a short practice test on both sections, proven test strategies, tips from a 1500+ scorer as well as resources. If you're just taking the Digital SAT for the first time or have taken it as an international student, this session is great.

Temitayo J and Shreeja S


Featured Feedback


You definitely understood the questions yourself. For example when you were explaining question one on the Course Challenge it is obvious you knew what was going on. You read through the question and were able to pull specific details like the ballerina aspect. You even looked at the question through a different perspective and if you were talking about India. I think sometimes your explanations were slightly lengthy and wordy, but the message was given very well and you definitely knew how to do these problems.

Tutor · 1 day ago

I think learners were comfortable. I like that you introduced yourself to both and welcomed them. I especially liked when you gave a little more background about yourself when explaining some problems. I think you were definitely able to create a comfortable learning environment. WIth strengthening learners' confidence, overall I think you did well, just if maybe you let them explain their mistake a little longer or how they got there instead of asking why that may not be the answer. Overall I feel learners were pretty comfortable in the environment and you did a great job creating that.

Tutor · 1 day ago

I think you did a really good job checking prior understanding, The session was based on the understanding of a specific learning and you tailored your material to that. If I had one piece of advice it would be to include the second learner. Yes the session was meant for a specific learner, but that learner had said they wanted to study everything and the other learning had mentioned a specific thing. Maybe throwing in one or two problems geared towards both learners could help. I chose intermediate for adapting to unique learner needs because I think you did a good job asking for learner engagement and adjusting explanations. I think you did a good job engaging the learners. I do think sometimes the explanations did go for a little bit without learner engagement, but overall asking for them to solve the problems and why they got answers was well done. Lastly I liked how you always checked if they understood the problems or had questions. And then to close you asked how you could better your teaching to the students. Great Job!

Tutor · 1 day ago

Thank you for the session. It was a big help for me and thank you for your effort

Learner · 3 days ago


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