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Jayden K

Joined Jan 2024 · He/Him


Hi! My name is Jayden, and I'm a high school junior from Arizona. Here's a bit about me:

Career Goal: Cardiologist/Anesthesiologist

AP Classes Passed: APHG, World History, Seminar, PreCalc

Classes (as of August '24): APUSH, AP Research, AP Stats, AP Lang, Advanced Physics, Spanish 3

Extracurriculars: Model UN, Odyssey of the Mind, MathLeague, Schoolhouse, FBLA, HOSA, FCCLA

Hobbies: Piano, Business (entrepreneurship)

Fun Facts about Me:

- Proficient in 2 languages (English, Telugu)

- Limited proficiency in 4 languages (Spanish, Tamil, Kannada, Latin)

- Big competition person (feel free to reach out if you have any prep for any sort of competitions (even better if math!))

- Have been playing piano for 9 years

Hope to meet you soon and please feel free to reach out to me for any help you might need!


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Upcoming Sessions

Get Ready for AP Psychology!

    3rd session

We will be covering AP Psychology and pushing a bit into University level topics of it. There will be study groups and Office Hours depending on learner wants. Study groups and Office Hours might delve deeper into topics if learners want. If enough people say they would like to attend but the time listed is impossible a second session could be opened up.

Barrett S and Jayden K


Discussion/Debates Club

    5th session

Hello! Welcome to my Discussion/Debates club. In this club, we will have light-hearted and fun discussions about various topics. I will also be teaching you guys how to debate effectively and present an argument. Each session, we will vote on a topic to discuss and have a respectful discussion. My co-hosts and I will be regulating the discussion, but other than that, you are free to share whatever your thoughts are. I can't wait to discuss with you! EDIT: The series does not only have 2 sessions, I add more as the series progresses. Please expect all sessions to be on Mondays and Fridays at 3:00 PM CT.


Aneesh M and 2 others

6 spots left!


    16th session

Greetings, future anatomist! Welcome to this series where we talk about the most complex structure of science, the human body! This course features: ⭐The Integumentary System ✅ 🎀The Skeletal System ✅ ⭐The Muscular System ✅ 🎀The Nervous System ✅ ⭐The Endocrine System ✅ 🎀The Cardiovascular System ✅ ⭐The Lymphatic System ✅ 🎀The Respiratory System ⭐The Digestive System 🎀The Urinary System ✅ ⭐The Reproductive System (Female and Male) + KAHOOTS, ICEBREAKERS EVERY MEETING AND QUIZZES!!! 🐱 So, buckle up and let's dive in to the world of the human body! See you there! 🛫👨👩 (P.S. If a student misses a session, but gave notice prior the session, I will provide the slideshows and a session to "make-up" the missed class ONLY IF requested!) ♡ Claire S became a co-host on 05/19/24 ♡ ♡ Jayden K became a co-host on 05/25/24 ♡ ♡ Yash J became a co-host on 05/28/24 ♡ ♡ Aditya T became a co-host on 06/17/24 ♡


Ayesha A and 4 others


Featured Feedback


Jayden and Arav, great work starting the quiz to check everyone's understanding along the way. It can be challenging when there are two presenters but in your session, it seems you both had it planned well and explained the concepts one at a time. I liked your collaboration at the end of the session on working on putting the timer for the learner.

Tutor · 2 days ago

Thank you for your help! You are great at explaining concepts and making them easier to understand.

Learner · 3 days ago

Jayden, great work in explaining concepts to learners. I liked how you explained "Positive and Negative Interval" concept by white boarding with examples. The way the lesson was designed was to try solving problem after each concept is taught, which is a great way to share and check learning.

Tutor · 2 days ago

Jayden, thank you so much for making this session really fun and interactive!

Learner · 7 days ago


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