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Lily D

Joined Apr 2023


Hi, I'm Lily (any pronouns), and I'm a rising university freshman! I currently live in Washington, but I'm originally from Massachusetts and will be going back there for university. My favorite subjects are any science, but especially biology, math, and languages. Some of my other interests are drawing, painting, video games, programming, and D&D.


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Upcoming Sessions

Exploring Our Microbiological World

    3rd session

Hi there! This series is going to be all about one of my favorite topics (and my soon-to-be major), microbiology! Each session, we'll be doing a deep dive into a new microorganism and it's biology: what kind of microorganism it is, where it exists, its role in its habitat, and even how it interacts with us. These are just meant to be fun, exploratory sessions, not a series on general microbiology, so no past knowledge is really needed. I can answer any general biology questions if they come up (in context with the microorganism, of course), but the main focus will be on whatever microscopic creature we're exploring during a given session! If you like microbiology, learning about new species, or just learning about the things we don't get to see much in our everyday lives, then this series is for you! Hope to see you there!

Lily D


Featured Feedback


Thanks Lily for hosting such a great session! The topics you've chosen are so interesting and you are an incredibly engaging speaker. And thanks for answering my many questions.

Learner · 2 days ago

This was so much fun, thank you for hosting it! I look forward to any others you may do

Learner · 5 mo. ago

Thank you so much for this session! I'd been looking forward to it all week, and you did not disappoint! My sketch turned out amazing, thanks to your tips, and I can't wait to apply them to more kinds of sketches (things more complex than a mountain range!). Thank you so much :D

Learner · 5 mo. ago

Thank you so much! It's nice to get back into art again :) I love your raven

Learner · 5 mo. ago


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