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Chloe C

Joined May 2023 · She/Her


Hello, my name is Chloe! I have 15 hours of tutoring on Upchieve and Learn To Be! I am a junior in high school and I have attended Harvard's Pre-College Program during the summer. My hobbies are reading, baking, and volunteering.


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Chloe isn't hosting anything soon, but you can follow them to get updates on future sessions.

Featured Feedback


Amazing session! Chloe had super well prepared slides and definitely had an amazing understanding of all of the content. On top of that, her session was super engaging, with both content-specific and open ended sessions. She was also super mindful of the amount of content we were taking in, so gave us lots of breaks and time to process the information!

Learner · 2 mo. ago

Thank you so much for your help with AP USH! I love how detailed your Google Slides and explanations were. You were willing to explain each concept in depth and pay attention to specific questions from us, the learners. You tailored the session to us and gave us meaningful practice with the course material. I would love to attend any other sessions you host in the future!

Learner · 3 mo. ago

I love how she explains everything in detail. She makes sure that we grasped the topics and understood them well. Additionally, she was very interactive with the learners and made sure everyone participated, which was great! Will definitely recommend sessions with her!

Learner · 3 mo. ago

The learner began with no prior knowledge of the topics at hand. I commend your teaching approach on two fronts. Firstly, your thoughtful inquiry into the learners' confidence levels and their need for additional practice was a valuable touchpoint in the learning process. Secondly, your incorporation of multiple practice problems along the way enhanced the learning experience, reinforcing understanding and promoting active engagement. Overall, your teaching method combines consideration for individual learner needs with effective practice opportunities.

Tutor · 7 mo. ago


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