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Athena Z

  Joined Apr 2021


Hi, I'm Athena! I love teaching all kinds of math, and am open to helping anyone who needs assistance.

I teach by asking you to try and figure out a problem that you may not know how to solve, then explaining how to do that problem and similar ones through the material covered in the lesson. I try to make my sessions adapt to the needs of the learners present that day, and I can easily adjust if we need to spend more time on one area and less in another.

Aside from tutoring, I enjoy math, quiz bowl and robotics competitions, creating music, and playing table tennis. Looking forward to being your tutor! 🐧


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Hi Athena! I just wanted to say that I am SO grateful for all the SAT sessions you hosted! Even though I won't be taking the SAT until next year, I am so glad that you were my first tutor! Your sessions really allowed me to identify which areas I am having the most difficulty with and how I should go about it. I really loved how welcoming you were at all the sessions; it really made a world of a difference and helped me get out of my shell, even if it was just a little. Thank you, again, and I hope to attend any other sessions you hold here on Schoolhouse! :)

Learner · 1 mo. ago

thank you athena you are my goat !!! i feel so much better about the math portion now. it was great to have you as my tutor and i will be back for those writing sessions. take care :)!

Learner · 1 mo. ago

Not only was she patient but she was very interactive as well! Going to miss these sessions with her but I am very grateful to have received her help. Thank you so much for making the SAT Tips as it is really helpful! Thank you so much once again for everything you have done throughout these series as from the start you have always been interactive, kind, and patient which is very heartwarming! I have a major improvement from when I first started to when I ended this series, so I am really grateful to have her as a tutor!

Learner · 1 mo. ago

Thank you for this session! It means a lot that you stayed back even after the session was over to explain the question I did not understand. And I am extremely grateful for the immediate response you give when it is outside of your working hours and helping me with my own personal questions!

Learner · 1 mo. ago


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