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Adrika M

Joined Oct 2023 · She/Her


Hello! I’m a high school student from Massachusetts and I love teaching others. I have taken the SAT once before and I have experience with the format and questions. I would also like to learn more about tips for the R&W part of the SAT. In my free time I enjoy reading, I sing many genres of music, including Indian classical music along with other Bollywood songs, and American Pop songs. I also love watching tv shows/movies, and my favorite Bollywood movie is 3 Idiots. Feel free to text me in Bangla or English!


Nov 2023 - Present

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Jan 2024 - Jun 2024

Subworld Moderators Team

May 2024 - Present

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Upcoming Sessions

Algebra 1 Community Events!


Hey, Algebra 1 people! This is a series of Algebra 1 community events that will be hosted throughout the summer and into the upcoming school year. These events will be led by our Algebra 1 mods: Adrika M, Hemanth N, and Rohan A. If you guys ever have any cool ideas, we are always excited to get your input and work with you to create fun, new opportunities here in Algebra 1! Please DM any of the mods either on Schoolhouse or Slack :grinning: We look forward to seeing all of you in our upcoming community events! -- Algebra 1 Mod Team


Hemanth N and 2 others


Algebra 1 New Tutor Welcoming & Onboarding

    2nd session

Hi Everyone! This is a welcoming session for new and prospective Algebra 1 tutors. Thank you for your interest in tutoring at Schoolhouse and giving back to the community! 🎉🎉 In this session, you will learn more about Schoolhouse and the platform, your roles and responsibilities as a tutor, volunteer hours, tutoring tips, and ways to receive support. We hope you are as excited as we are to have you start tutoring at Schoolhouse! 🥳🥳 Never hesitate to reach out with any questions 😁😁

Hemanth N and Adrika M


Featured Feedback


I loved how excited you seemed to help us in the process and it really helped me stay focussed throughout the session!

Learner · 2 mo. ago

Thank you for the session! Going over the "we do" method in real time was really helpful.

Learner · 5 mo. ago

This session helped out a lot when it came to understanding what to do.

Learner · 3 mo. ago

I found it very helpful to learn about the different techniques to teach and better help the students learn!

Learner · 5 mo. ago


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