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Mohammad S

Joined Apr 2022 · He/Him


I'm a high school student from India. I love playing football(soccer) and helping people learn. I hope I can help many students on this platform!!!


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Featured Feedback


The first session was incredible, it was so MUCH FUN! I wasn't expecting to actually have so much fun and interaction with the other learners and you. The visual representation of your notes were helpful too. Although most of the concepts were known to me but what wasn't really helped me a lot. And we can't forget SPACING! The spacing thing wasn't something I implemented a lot before as I mentioned in the 9th session of this series. Moving on to the second session, time management, I never expected that someone other than me used ticktick so it was a pleasant surprise. Though it was familiar to me, the usage of the habit tracker was a bit hard for me but thanks to you I can implement it well! Public speaking. Didn't really expect this topic, but overall it was a great experience. The highlight of this session for me was definitely the revelation of you having a letter from THE Barack Obama, like good job! Next session, this was a really fun session for me. I got to know more about what people would do as their hobby and habits. The thing that stood out to me was someone saying they want to make their bed as a habit which is a unique habit to take up. The next session of the Productivity challenge was awesome, had a lot of fun in this one too! It's a little short so sorry This has to be one of my fave session from the whole series, like we weren't even focusing on the session, we talked about random things and the plot twist of two people being Indian really shook me. Ah yes, today's session is very memorable as it was the end to this series and we had to say goodbye but thanks for this amazing series and sessions! Wait... I wrote so much but forgot to mention the PRESENTATIONS!! The presentations looked like they were made by a professional ( no kidding ). I've never seen such a wonderful presentation till date and great work! Couldn't mention few thing because schoolhouse said it's too long Thanks for everything Mohammad! - Samprita

Learner · 13 days ago

Thank you for hosting these amazing sessions. Each of the sessions were extremely helpful. The Kahoot was helpful in which it overviewed all of the topics with average depth into each one.

Learner · 14 days ago

He explains everything so clearly I love his classes...They are truly amazing

Learner · 13 days ago

Mohammad explains concepts and tips crystal clear! He also adds a bit of fun in his classes! Which makes his sessions understandable and extortionary

Learner · 15 days ago


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