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Zachary W

Joined Apr 2022 · He/Him


I'm a high school student from New York looking forward to helping others and learning new things. I love learning more about the world around me by the second; as an aspiring anesthesiologist, the fields of maths and sciences around us appeal to me most due to their applicability in the real world, allowing us to progress all around. You can often catch me playing chess (1000 ELO at the moment), watching YouTube (subscriptions include but are not limited to: Dhar Mann, MrBeast, Khan Academy, GMHikaru, The Organic Chemistry Tutor, and many more), and having fun with my family!


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Study Room! [STILL OPEN]

    79th session

Welcome to THE study room! Come in every day, 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM eastern time (may sometimes stay for 30 more minutes), to do whatever work you need to get done. If you guys have any questions about any homework, feel free to directly message me or other attendees in the chat for help! Feel free to put the things you are looking forward to getting done at the beginning of the session and update us if you managed to complete them at the end. - Will be accepting music suggestions! - Occasional Pomodoro sessions (with 2+ members in session) (7:30 to 8:15 WORK, 8:15 to 8:20 BREAK, 8:20 to 9:00 WORK (Eastern Time (EST), 80 minutes work, 5-10 minutes break))! - [future updates with more sessions] *NOTE: Turning your camera on would be preferred; this series is intended for me and you to get our tasks done. We will be accountable to each other and ensure we are getting what we need to be done!

Zachary W

14 spots left!

Featured Feedback


They were the only one that made this super easy and was very timely

Learner · 5 mo. ago

He made sure I understood every step.

Learner · 6 mo. ago

He helped me a lot on a math problem I was having with the SAT. Very good explanations.

Learner · 5 mo. ago

Thank you for helping me learn how to solve for the missing side lengths and angles of ambiguous triangles!

Learner · 6 mo. ago


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