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Jackie J

Joined Jan 2022 · She/Her


Howdy there! My name is Jackie and I am so excited to help you with your studies! My forte is math, but I can help with pretty much any subject. Happy learning! :)


Jan 2022 - Present

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Featured Feedback


Hi Jackie! I just audited your Live Help session. You put the learner at ease right from the start, and exhibited a very welcoming/easygoing demeanor. You also did an excellent job of double checking with the learner to make sure the concept made sense afterwards. A few points of improvement: 1. Ask the learner what they've done on the problem so far before jumping straight in to help (they might be struggling on a different aspect of the problem than you might think). I did see you doing this for later learners though, so nice job on that! 2. Let the learner(s) try more problems on their own. Despite the fact that they're coming to you with questions on specific problems that they may have tried to solve before seeing you, it's nice to get a look into their train of thought; oftentimes, they just have a minor misunderstanding of a step, and you can more effectively help them after listening. 3. Word of caution: for the first learner, the problems they showed you were part of a test (could have been spotted early on by noticing the timer in the upper-right hand corner); something to be wary of in the future. It was a pre-test, but in this case I would recommend letting them do most of the work and simply pausing them if they made the same mistake a few times/reviewing the problems afterwards. Overall, this was an excellent session; you leaned towards guiding the learners, rather than doing the problems for them - this is the best way to help them figure out the concept, and be proud of it because they've done a lot of the work by themselves! A smaller thing I picked up on that I loved that you did, simple but remarkably important: using the learner's name! This is especially helpful in session with more learners registered. You did a great job of incorporating this when you were saying bye at the end; it may seem irrelevant, but it's a wonderful touch. Thank you for your work on schoolhouse thus far! Feel free to reach out to me (Athena Z) on Slack if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further. Happy tutoring!

Tutor · 2 yr. ago

Thank you so much Jackie! Your session have truly helped me with my calculus skills. I initially thought, I would not be able to solve those problems by myself, but I left your session with complete confidence. Your tutoring and explanations would surely help anybody know a new concept, just like it did for me as I learned about the L Hopital's rule. I would surely love to get help from you again! 😊

Learner · 2 yr. ago

Jackie was super helpful! And she made sure that I understood the question step by step! Thank you now i'm able to understand my math!

Learner · 2 yr. ago

Thank you so much Jackie for helping with my homework! Your explanations are awsome and I love your positive energy in teaching!

Learner · 2 yr. ago


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