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Anish R

Joined Dec 2021


I am in 7th grade. My favorite subject is mathematics, including high school geometry, and intermediate algebra., I am a Bronze medalist in Russian School of Mathematics National examination, got an Honor Certificate in Math Kangaroo, and secured top 5% position nationwide in the 2020 AMC 8. I am also an avid chess player. I was South Korea's national champion and represented South Korea in Asian Youth Chess Games in 2017 U8. I have also won multiple championships conducted by Bay Area Chess and was ranked 13th in California Chess State Championship in 2019. I enjoy computers and taught Python programming to elementary and middle school kids during summer 2021 online. In my free time, I also like playing soccer and swimming.


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Everyone looking forward for any type of help in Algebra II can join any of the sessions. This series is for anyone who is interested in Algebra II, whether you are looking to go over the entire curriculum over the summer, whether you are looking to cover just some topics in Algebra II, whether you need help studying or review for a test, or even if you're just looking to review Algebra II. For those who want to learn Algebra II over the summer, we'll do the Khan Academy curriculum and try to do as much as we can over the summer. For those who have just a Algebra II question or doubt or need help reviewing for an exam or who just need help in Algebra II, feel free to join any of the sessions and I'd be happy to help.

Anish R

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