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Justin L

Joined Nov 2021 · He/Him


Hello everyone! I am a rising junior with a passion for STEM topics. I look forward to sharing my interests in these topics here at
Some of my hobbies include playing tennis, coding, video games, and watching TV.


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Upcoming Sessions

Algebra 2 · Series

Algebra II Prep.

    17th session

Hello fellow learners! Will you be taking Algebra II this coming school year? Well, no need to stress over it! Throughout this course, we will cover the basic topics of Algebra 2 to prepare you for your math class. These topics include: - Polynomials - Imaginary numbers - Exponents/Logarithms - Trigonometry You will be able to learn these in the sessions on Monday and Wednesday. During each session, I will spend some time explaining each topic. Then, we will work together on practice problems, and I can show you the tips and strategies to solve them. Throughout the series, we will have short fun quizzes on Kahoot/Quizizz to review and see what you learned. If you missed these sessions or did not fully understand a topic, I will have office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays (subject to change based on usefulness). Note: I will add more sessions as the series progresses. Other changes in the schedule may also occur based on how the series goes. I look forward to seeing you at the meetings!

Justin L

Registration full.

AP® Review · Series

AP Chemistry Course Supplement


Hello fellow learners! Will you be taking AP Chemistry this school year? Well, this course will be perfect for you! By signing up for this course, we will be covering AP Chemistry topics side by side as you learn them in school. This series will cover the same topics you cover in class, but we will go a little quicker so you can have an understanding of them before going to class! In each session, I will explain each chemistry topic. Then, we will work together on practice problems relating to those topics. During our weekend sessions, I will try my best to match with your school schedules. If it doesn't, feel free to reach out to me and I can create a separate session/office hours just to focus on that topic! By joining this series, I hope that it will be an excellent supplement to your AP Chemistry class, allowing you to succeed in the course and AP exam! Since AP Chemistry is a very difficult topic, and I am just a junior, you may ask why I can be qualified to teach you. Well, fear not! During my time in the class, I got As on all the tests my teacher gave and a 5 on the AP exam, so I can share with you my tips and strategies so you can do the same as well! I hope to see you all soon! Session dates and plans most likely will change to adjust to pacing (It will likely slow down rather than speed up because what I have right now is way ahead of schedule than what I learned at school) Notes: Who this course is for: - Motivated and hardworking learners (There will be alot of information, slides will be posted after each session) - Students taking AP Chemistry this coming school year (I hope that this series will be a great supplement to your course!) Since there is a lot to cover in AP Chemistry, I may offer resources/problems for you to have which will solidify your understanding of your topic. Course load [These won't be mandatory, but are recommended, I'll leave the mandatory work up to your teacher ;p ]: - Videos may be given to watch - Practice problems may be given Overview of what each session will be like: - Introduce topics covered for the day - Lecture (explain topics + do practice problems relating to topics) - Ask questions relating to lecture or any questions you have from you AP Chemistry class FYI: AP Chemistry is an extremely difficult topic and I understand that may be difficult to comprehend. Due to the time limits during the session, I may not be able to answer all questions. As a result, please reach out to me through the chat feature on for questions that I could not answer.

Justin L

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Helpful, thanks

Learner · 7 days ago

Good class, thanks

Learner · 9 days ago

Super Helpful

Learner · 9 days ago

Hello Justin! Your powerpoint was very informative and it was great that you included practice problems to incorporate active learning. Your teaching was also very engaging and you did a fantastic job answering questions! -Maya Behura

Tutor · 11 days ago



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