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Sanjay P

Joined Oct 2021 · He/Him


Hey! I'm Sanjay and I'm a junior in high school! I love traveling, playing basketball, learning languages, and listening to music. I hate memorizing stuff, so I put an emphasis on understanding concepts and developing critical thinking skills. I can't wait to start learning with you!


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Upcoming Sessions

Experimental · Summer Camp Series

Introductory French

    4th session

We'll learn the basics of French through short lectures, going over practice problems as a group, and interactive sessions.

Sanjay P


AP® Review · Summer Camp Series

Introductory Calculus (AP Calc AB)

    2nd session

ARE YOU TAKING AP CALC AB NEXT YEAR? If so, this course is perfect for you! This is an introductory calculus course over the summer for anyone who wants to master the basic concepts of calculus and earn a 5 on the 2023 AP Calculus AB Exam. We will meet once a week, and each session will include: - a lecture - practice problems - group activities The goal of this course is to improve your critical thinking skills by learning calculus conceptually.

Sanjay P

Registration full.

Experimental · Series

Introductory Biology (AP BIOLOGY)

    2nd session

NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE IS NECESSARY. In this course, we will go through the AP Biology curriculum and learn the basics of biology. We will learn about cellular biology, ecology, natural selection, heredity, and more! Biology has a reputation of being difficult and memory-based. In this course, we will learn biology conceptually and in a way that makes sense; in the process, we will develop our critical thinking and scientific reasoning skills.

Sanjay P

6 spots left!

Featured Feedback


I really enjoyed this session because he broke down very an entire unit of AP Calc in 45 mins with depth and helping us understand the content

Learner · 25 days ago

Amazing tutor

Learner · 25 days ago

HOLY SMOKES! I had a great time with that tutor who had 2 years of calculus experience. The slide, the organization. Ah, I mean this is A SLICE OF LIFE!

Learner · 25 days ago

Easy to understand!

Learner · 25 days ago


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