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Sataphon O

Joined Sep 2021


I make math easy.

CS University of Toronto '27


Jul 2022 - Present








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Algebra 2
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SAT Math
AP Physics


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Pat K
Kimi C
Aditya H

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Sataphon isn't hosting anything soon, but you can follow them to get updates on future sessions.

Featured Feedback


My favorite experience with a tutor, the explanations were very quick and easy to understand, Appreciated the quiet and direct environment.

Learner · 1 yr. ago

Thank you so much for this session today! I got to learn a lot of new material! I love that we did a full math section.

Learner · 1 yr. ago

helped me understand sat math and provided really good resources! Best SAT Maths tutor

Learner · 1 yr. ago

Hi Sataphon! I'm Vince and I just audited your session. First, I like how you gave a quick rundown on the format of the SAT before the learner started the Math section -- it's always a good thing for learners to know what they are doing. I also liked how after the learner completed the Math section and asked if they could go over one problem, you gave a solid explanation of the underlying concept without giving away the actual answer. I also loved how you brought up desmos to explain the three different solution types for a system of linear equations, since the concept becomes much easier to understand with visuals. One thing you could do to make this session even better is starting off with an icebreaker question in your greeting and save a few minutes in the beginning to build some connection with your learners. Otherwise, I think you did an awesome job! Thanks for being a tutor here at SHW! - Vince

Tutor · 1 yr. ago


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