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Nikhil D

Joined September 2021

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I'm currently a high school junior. I'm interested in computer science and artificial intelligence. I also love math, especially linear algebra and calculus and am excited to tutor calculus on schoolhouse!

What learners have to say

Nikhil is a good tutor. I really like the way he teaches

It was great session!

Nikhil, is simply good at teaching concepts! He is always open to all the questions. I loved the fact that he checked on other students (who haven’t spoken in a while) and tried to get their opinion.

It was great!

It was really a great session and it was fun to learn about how to solve rate related problems.

Thank you so much for helping and explaining with such details! I've learnt a lot in this session.

Thanks for the help!

What fellow tutors have to say

Hi Nikhil! I think you did a great job understanding your learner's existing level of knowledge and building on it. Your explanations were concise, and I also really like how you controlled your teaching pace to suit your learner. One short tip would be to come in with a few warmup questions which you can give to learners who are on time, as you wait for others. Otherwise, I think you did a good job using that time to interact with your learners, which is great. You were also great at asking your learner questions to gauge their understanding. All in all, your session was wonderful! Please feel free to reach out to me (Anuska) on Slack if you have any questions. Thank you for volunteering at Schoolhouse!

Session was great! Very concise and clear on the material.

Hi Nikhil! Great attention to detail! I loved the way you explained things clearly and concisely. Good going!

The session was very well done. You explained the concepts clearly and kept the session interactive. Keep up the good work!

Nice job explaining calculus to their learner! They seemed to grasp the concept well.


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Calculus · Series

An Intuitive Introduction to Calculus

    2nd session

This series will serve as an introduction to calculus from an intuitive point of view. We will look at three big ideas in calculus--Limits, Derivatives, and Integrals--and the connections between them. This series will be mainly about building an intuitive understanding of these ideas, with a much smaller focus on problem-solving. We will still work on some practice problems, but this will be mainly to strengthen and apply the intuitive understanding of these concepts. We will also look at real-world examples where calculus concepts can be used. This series will ideal for you if you are already familiar with precalculus concepts such as functions and graphs and are looking to study calculus in the future. This series might also be useful for you if have already taken a calculus course in the past and want to review the main concepts from a big-picture intuitive point of view. Note: If you have a timing conflict for any of the sessions, I might be able to reschedule the session, so please drop a message in the public discussion.

Nikhil D


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