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Mason M

Joined Jul 2021 · He/Him


Hello everyone!
💫 My name is Mason, and I am a Grade 10 IB student! 💫
Here at, I take pride in being both a learner and a tutor, as one can never stop learning!
I currently teach Creative Writing, Biology, Pre-Algebra, English, and community engagement sessions!
I take a very hands-on approach in my tutoring sessions, and you can expect less reading off of PowerPoints, and more engaging with students. I cannot wait to work with every single one of you in the future!


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Upcoming Sessions

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Experimental · Series

Novel Workshop

    9th session

Over the span of this series, individuals will write a novel with the guidance of a published author. Alongside this, Learners will learn different elements of a novel. This course is recommended to those who have attended a few of my other series in the past, but is open to everyone.

Mason M


Experimental · Series

SMUN: Schoolhouse MUN

    2nd session

Welcome everyone to SMUN, Schoolhouse's first online, virtual, Model United Nations conference. This series is recommended to those who have experience in Model UN, but will be open to beginners as well. Model United Nations is a form of debate in which follows the United Nations, an intergovernmental organization aimed to create peace and foster good relations between member countries. MUN is a great form of debate if you know what you are doing, and that is why before the SMUN Conference, we will be hosting a "MUN 101" session to answer all of your questions and concerns about MUN and how to overcome your fear of public speaking. This conference will be hosted in the World Health Organization Committee, and will consist of one topic for simplicity sakes (which will be released closer to the conference). Upon registration, you will be given a country. (link to check your country: Thank you, and I hope to see you during our training session/actual conference!

Mason M


Featured Feedback

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Thrilling, exciting and freak out. Mason, you totally made them out of the town. Your session is so great and brain thinking fast. Good job.

Tutor · 11 days ago

The teaching content is focused and the teaching purpose is very clear. It helps me a lot. Thank you!

Learner · 6 mo. ago

Hi Mason 👋, great job with the session 👏, you created a very friendly surrounding for the learners , and caught there trust , discussed interests and made them feel comfortable 😀. Keep up the good work 👍

Tutor · 1 mo. ago

I like this session, Great tutor! I hope I could attend next time because the timing sounds early for me. It's fun to be there and listening to the book. Mucho gracias!

Learner · 6 mo. ago


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