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Ian C

Joined Apr 2021 · He/Him


Hi! I'm a high schooler in New York State. I got a 1600 on the SAT and I'm ready to help with either section on the test. I also love economics, English, and everything in between. It's great to be on schoolhouse!


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When new members join, you make sure that they understand what is going on even though they didn't know what happened before, and let them feel engaged immediately. You give learners different opportunities for speeches and debates, letting them share their thoughts on different topics and giving them positive feedback at the end.

Tutor · 6 mo. ago

Great caucus session! The concept is rather complicated, but you broke it down and made it much easier to understand. Thanks Ian!

Learner · 7 mo. ago

Very deep understanding of how the whole progress of the presidential election works, using formal official terms to make the whole session so real (plus learners' intense participation) the tension and excitement can be sensed throughout the session.

Tutor · 6 mo. ago

I loved this senate series so much that I’m considering actually studying political science like I wanted to. You learn about the political process, but also how you as a person compromise with others and balance difficult ethical choices. The tone was very witty with a lot of comedic moments, but the acting was professional and nuanced enough to be incredibly immersive. Ian clearly cares about making the learners feel comfortable and not leaving anyone behind or confused. The genuine excitement and commitment to the series really made it great.

Learner · 11 mo. ago


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