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Jules P

Joined Oct 2023 · He/Him


I'm a first year University Student, and I have an interest in teaching. My primary studies are in languages, music, and literature. I'd love to help out in any way I can!


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Alina J
Davinder David S
Yashika K
Arya S
Christopher B
Charles J
Pranav E
Azaan H
Alina J
Hyemin K

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Featured Feedback


Thank you so much for the session! You are very helpful, and the best French tutor!

Learner · 24 days ago

hey, thank you so much!! you were so kind and very helpful, thank you for this session!

Learner · 1 mo. ago

I like how you ask the learner at the beginning what they think their level of French is. This will help you gauge how much you should explain or since this is French, if you should speak French to them. By clarifying if Alina knew basic terms like hello, please, thank you, you also said you could teach more basic stuff if she didn't know that yet. The tutor adapted by advancing what he was teaching slightly by realizing what level the learners were at. Good job on engaging learners by periodically asking questions like "do you know how to say ___" that's really good. It helps engage the learners to make sure they're paying attention and also just make sure that they understand the concept. He makes sure the learners understand if the learners don't know something in French he'll reassure them and simply explain it. This shows the learners progress.

Tutor · 1 mo. ago

I loved the variety of practice problems that you included and how you used them to drive your session. For example, when you were covering le futur proche, I really liked how you first reviewed what she already knew, then introduced the basics and asked her to do some practice. After that, you continued building off of what she knew and the results of her practice for the rest of the lesson. The fact that you were able to tailor the learning to her needs in such a flexible manner shows your mastery of the material. Every time she asked you to go over a new topic, you flawlessly drafted up a lesson without any hesitation or review. In a language like French where there are so many nuances to understanding grammar rules and the language itself, the fact that you were able to do this spontaneously and not make any errors whatsoever definitely shows that you're experienced with the language. Also, just generally speaking, you have a great understanding of the language itself. Your pronunciation was on point, you remembered all the grammar nuances, and every time she had a question about a vocabulary word or conjugations, you knew the answer right away. Overall, amazing job here Jules!

Tutor · 3 mo. ago


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