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Tarun G

Joined Jun 2020 · He/Him


I'm an autodidact and volunteer-tutor at who loves tutoring inside and outside classrooms, to help students take charge of their education and live the good life. I channel my polymathic interests into mastering my global great books canon, and sharing it with y'all using music, explainers, and public writing!

I've volunteered with the Khan World School, and helped them get started using Schoolhouse and Khan Academy with their students. And I've recently joined oxford public philosophy, a student-run philosophy journal, as co-editor, and a society and culture magazine as guest columnist—watch this space for more!

Feel free to sign up and look around my profile—and don't miss the Feedback tab! Detailed transcript/portfolio available on request.

Here's my profile again:


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Upcoming Sessions

Community · Summer Camp Series

School and - 🆓 Q&A on Study Tips and Education

    45th session

Back-To-School 2022 is here—what do you do? How do you make the most of the new school year without overwhelming yourself? Welcome to Season 5 of School and, where you can find your own answers to these questions! All you need is a Schoolhouse account. Sign Up for free: This series began with questions like these: Is notetaking useless? Should you study for exams? Can you ever truly focus on your work? Does listening to music while studying help? And can you find time to do things that matter? But over the past several months, it has evolved into an Ask (Almost) Anything. So I'm happy to answer questions about (almost) anything, from education and philosophy to reading, negotiation, and explainers. * Don't worry about the short session durations of 30 minutes. They will change depending on how many questions we get. But I'll ensure that each of you gets to ask at least one question, and clarify your concerns about studying. So get your questions ready: Ask yourself what you want to ask! 🔍 It's your questions that drive each session, so please participate either via the mic or chat box. You might also want to keep a doc ready to save any links I share in the Zoom chat. * Each session is unique, and the series itself is a challenge for me, a treat for you. As an autodidact who does school in nontraditional ways, I'm super-excited to help you learn better inside or outside the classroom. See you in a session! :)

Tarun G

11 spots left!

Featured Feedback


This was very enlightening for me, thank you Tarun!

Learner · 10 days ago

Thanks once more for this engaging and informative session, Tarun. Your tips are very helpful as usual. I should probably start reading How to Read a Book whenever I get some free time since you like it a lot and I always trust your recommendations. Have an amazing week!

Learner · 14 days ago

Hello Tarun I had interesting ideas exchange with you yesterday! I was really blown away by the fact that you'd read Deep Work and Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. Most of the ideas in those books can be found in the online review section and many YouTubers have already made its summary videos. It's really hard to find people who read Cal Newport's book. I myself have read Deep Work though😅. Except that the session went on really great Tarun. I enjoyed it thoroughly!!

Learner · 12 days ago

thx for spending a lot of time on my question

Learner · 14 days ago


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