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Jadon G

Joined Nov 2022 · He/Him


Hi! My name is Jadon, and I'm a high school student in Shanghai, China. Academically, I love learning physics and especially like to ponder about hard problems. Favorite physicist (weird): Richard Feynman.

I was actually very inspired to learn physics in an interview with Richard Feynman explaining things called "Fun to Imagine."

Aside from that, here are some things that are also important about me.

Favorite sport(s): Basketball & soccer (Lebron & Messi the GOATs)

Favorite movie: Interstellar (best sci-fi film ever)

Favorite TV show: Peaky Blinders

I also like to read random books and articles that I find on a bookshelf or the internet. These may contain topics such as AI (I'm rather scared of it), philosophy, and literature (currently reading works by Raymond Carver, who doesn't like simple stories?).


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Upcoming Sessions

Physics · Series

Physics C E&M Group

    2nd session

There are two modes of session we can choose from. !. A study circle. We can share our confusion and discuss a topic each week together. 2. Lecturey type. I can go over the each week by myself. (I'm leaning towards the former because long series tend to result in inconsistencies in attendance).

You should have a solid foundation in calculus (mainly differentiation and integration). Don't be frightened if you don't know it. It can be learned pretty quickly. But my idea for this group is that we won't be lingering on a basic function's derivatives.

Session amount and date TBD.

Jadon G


Featured Feedback


thank you for hosting this series, and for always showing up to teach us even when you have a lot of other stuff going on. i wish you the best with apps and future endeavors!

Learner · 1 mo. ago

thank you for hosting, i appreciate how clear your explanations were

Learner · 2 mo. ago

I loved the in-depth learning of the topics

Learner · 2 mo. ago

Thank you for this session. I have fun interacting with you guys and hope I will interact with you guys more in the future

Learner · 3 mo. ago


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