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Nitya D

Joined Oct 2022 · She/Her


I’m a 10th grade high school student in California. My hobbies are reading manga, playing video games and spending time with family. I like learning new things about anything, especially biology and astronomy related!


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Upcoming Sessions

Experimental · Series

Virtual Study Group📚

    13th session

During this series you can study whatever you want. And I’ll be happy to give you some study techniques if you want them! I’ll be using the Pomodoro method of 25 minutes of studying and a 5 minute break. - You can work on any subject and everyone is welcome! - Cameras are not required, but it’s okay if you want to turn it on for staying on task. - Please mute yourself during the study period but you are welcome to unmute yourself and talk during the 5 minute breaks! I’ll be playing music in background during the sessions, and feel free to tell me any song suggestions. *More sessions will be added

Nitya D

2 spots left!

Experimental · Series

Human Anatomy and Physiology

    2nd session

Hey, welcome to this series about Human Anatomy and Physiology! In this series I want to cover the basics first and then go into following body systems: The Integumentary System (the skin) The Skeletal System The Muscular System The Nervous System The Cardiovascular System The Respiratory System The Digestive System The Lymphatic System The Urinary System The Endocrine System The Reproductive System As you can see there's a lot to cover! So it will take a long time to teach all of these. I am planning to go into depth for each one of these systems. Prerequisites: High school level biology completed or another class of similar level. Also high school level chemistry or another class of similar level is recommended but not needed * More sessions will be added

Nitya D

1 spot left!

Featured Feedback


Thank you for this sesssion! It was really helpful in motivating me to get my work done!

Learner · 22 hr. ago

This session was fun, got to finish most of my work.

Learner · 7 days ago

Thank you so micuh for this informative orientation! I never thought I would find this topic on this sight and in such detail. I am so excited to to be working with you and everyone else the next few months! Thank you so much for doing this and being so organized!!!

Learner · 7 days ago

Thank you for this session! It was really fun and interesting learning about the functions and types of tissue of the human body along with interactions about the subject. Thank you!

Learner · 8 days ago



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