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Ragad S

Joined Jul 2022 · She/Her


I am a senior who values education and enjoys learning and teaching!

I am Jordanian, but I attend an international school in Saudi Arabia. My favorite subject at school is biology though chemistry and math are close seconds. I had a GPA of 4.0 in my junior year including an A+ in Math, which included Algebra II and Calculus. I ranked first in my junior year (my school had about 200 junior students).

I have taken the ACT test twice and scored a 34 in the first trial and a 35 in the second. I have a super score of 36! I also self-studied AP Biology in 2022 and scored a 5 on the AP Biology test. However, when my school started a 2-year AP Biology program last year, I joined it because of my love for biology (and it was the most challenging biology course being offered at my school). In 2023, I took an AP Chemistry course offered by Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth because my school does not offer AP Chemistry. I received an A in the course and a 5 on the AP test! I have also taken an "Introduction to Epidemiology" course offered by UC San Diego in which I received an A+. I also worked on a research project with the International Research Institute of North Carolina. As to English proficiency, in addition to attending international schools since kindergarten, I have scored 119/120 on the TOEFL test in 2023.

I have been tutoring at Schoolhouse for over a year now and have enjoyed tutoring and learned greatly from my experience. I hope to continue sharing my knowledge and helping others during my senior year.


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Upcoming Sessions

The Complete ACT Course (part IV: Statistics & Probability)

    2nd session
This course is designed specifically for students planning to take the ACT test and want to work on the math skills they need for it. However, students who need to revise some topics for school or are planning to take the SAT can also benefit from the course. During this course, we meet weekly to discuss all of the important math concepts and strategies you need to do well on the ACT. In every session, we tackle a few topics. We revise them and solve some practice questions. I also answer any math questions you might have throughout the session. I plan to adapt the course and the time allocated to each topic based on the needs of the students.
The course is divided into parts; each part is placed in its corresponding subworld:

1. Pre-Algebra

2. Algebra 1

3. Geometry

4. Statistics & Probability

5. Algebra 2

6. Pre-calculus

-The Ultimate Guide to ACT Math (1 and 2)

- The Official ACT Prep Guide 2022-2023

- 500 ACT Math Questions to Know by Test Day, 3rd Edition, Geometry Common Core.

- The Official ACT Mathematics Guide

(This list is subject to change as I get to learn what the students need more of.)


Some of the feedback I got on my previous ACT Math courses:

"The practice questions were just what I needed, also the tutor was very engaging."

"Very good and thorough explanations."

"super organized and good explanations."

part of a peer review: "Excellent explanations! You went over each concept in detail and thoroughly explained how to solve the problems. You not only explained how to find the correct answer but also why a certain approach makes sense. "

Ragad S


Featured Feedback



Learner · 1 mo. ago

i love your very detailed and consised explanation.

Learner · 2 mo. ago

thank you for this session! it was really comprehensive and helped me with details!

Learner · 2 mo. ago

Great explanations and nice presentation! Really helpful and willing to teach you something <3

Learner · 5 mo. ago


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