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Algebra 2

Complex numbers

  • The imaginary unit i
  • Complex numbers introduction
  • The complex plane
  • Adding & subtracting complex numbers
  • Multiplying complex numbers
  • Quadratic equations with complex solutions

Small-group help sessions in "Complex numbers"

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Algebra 2 · session

Exercises on Complex numbers

We'll go through some advanced questions on complex numbers while also revising the basic concepts. Please join, It'll be fun :)

Rodas G


Algebra 2 · session

Complex Numbers Topic Review

I hosted a series earlier this summer and did not get to cover complex numbers in depth. Although this a make-up class, anyone is welcome to join!

- Complex numbers (Algebra II-level)
- Imaginary i
- Complex numbers intro/Rectangular form
- The complex plane
- Complex numbers operations
- Complex numbers (Precalculus-level)
- Complex conjugates
- Modulus and argument/Polar form
- De Moivre’s Theorem
- Fundamental theorem of Algebra

Piyush M


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