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Have fun, learn something new, and make friends from all across the planet.

Join Schoolhouse Summer Camp to learn with and from other students across the world–100% free.

In session June 20 to August 31.

What Will You Do?

Have fun learning new things–from coding to cooking–in virtual sessions hosted by Camp Counselors who are students like you!

Make friends across the world in our global community of learners and tutors.

Who Can Join?

Any student across the world, ages 13 and up!*

*You must be at least 13 or older to join Schoolhouse. However, you may join Summer Camp late if you turn 13 within camp dates.

How to participate


Join Schoolhouse for free

Make a account to get access to Summer Camp sessions, as well as free 1:1 and small-group tutoring in math, test prep, and more.


Sign up for the Summer Camp 2022 Series

Register for the official Summer Camp 2022 series to attend a camp kickoff, grand finale, and other key events.


Attend Summer Camp sessions

Register for community-led Summer Camp sessions–sign up for as many as you want!

Summer Camp Sessions

Registrations are limited–grab your spot today!

Schoolhouse Summer Camp 2022 · Session

Community Events

Summer Camp Send-off! Join us for one fun last hurrah as our summer comes to a close.

Mariah O

Session ended.

Community · Summer Camp Series

Schoolhouse Summer Camp 2022

    Ended Mon, Aug 29, 2022

Welcome to our first ever Schoolhouse Summer Camp! We're so excited for you to join us to learn something fun and new this summer. Register for this series to add our opening and closing ceremonies to your calendar. You won't want to miss 'em!

Mariah O

Series ended.

Community · Summer Camp Series

Model UN: Training Camp

    Ended Wed, Jul 6, 2022

Do you want to learn Model UN, but don't know where to start? Then, this series is perfect for you. Hi! I'm Navya and I would like to invite you to join the Model UN Training Camp! Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations for students, students are assigned a particular country and try to find solutions to the world's biggest and most pressing issues through debate and negotiations. Model UN provides students an opportunity to learn about public speaking, international relations, improve your writing, and more! There is something in Model UN for everyone in addition to being a great educational experience. We will even have our own Model UN Conference at the end of the series and all participants and winners will get certificates. I have tried to make the sessions time zone friendly to as many time zones as possible, so everyone is welcome! There will be 2 sessions per week (on weekends) Even if you have never participated in a Model UN conference before, don't worry, we will be covering all the basics in the training sessions. For intermediate and advanced MUNers, I will be happy to share a few nuances I learnt at the international level while participating in conferences like HarvardMUN and YaleMUN. Topics that will be covered through this series- Session 1: What is the United Nations? (Orientation) Session 2: How to do research? Session 3: How does an MUN committee work? Session 4: The Art of Communication Session 5: Writing in Model UN (Working Papers and Draft Resolutions) Session 6: Practice Debate Session 7: Model UN Conference Day 1 Session 8: Model UN Conference Day 2 Tutor Qualifications- 1. HarvardMUN 2021- Outstanding Delegate Award 2. HarvardMUN 2020- Diplomatic Commendation Award 3. DAIS MUN 2022- Best Delegate 4. Yale MUN 2021

Navya M

Series ended.

Community · Summer Camp Series

Introduction to Korean Summer Camp I! 🌏🚀

    Ended Wed, Sep 14, 2022

안녕하세요! This series will be hosted by two tutors: Vince K—an amazing tutor who is teaching Algebra II and PreCalc in SHW—and me. (Link to Vince's profile: In this series, we will learn the basics of Korean Hangul, grammar, and vocabulary. This series is well-planned with informative Google Slides and fun activities to make the best place to learn Korean. This series also has zero homework so that you can relax during the weekend! We will mainly focus on speaking and listening, but we will sometimes explore reading and writing in Korean. We will also learn about culture of Korea and discuss Korean history, K-Pop/K-Drama, and the modern Korean lifestyle. Office hours are available on Saturdays. (You can request it too!) We will also have game nights on Fridays, so you can have fun! The schedule for the series is out! 🚀✨🗓️ Schedule: Here are some resources when you want to study Korean off the clock! ⏰📈 Btw, since this series is "almost full," I have created another class that goes over the same thing we are learning in this class. (But in a different time) ✅🚀

Taeho K

Series ended.

A Journey through Dune by Frank Herbert · Summer Camp Session


We will begin discussion about this series and about the Dune book series. No reading is required, but please have a book ready.

David W

Session ended.

Community · Summer Camp Series

A Journey through Dune by Frank Herbert

    Ended Sun, Aug 14, 2022

Ever want to jump into a great book, but lack the community and motivation? Not anymore! This summer session will be about one of my absolute favorite book series: Dune by Frank Herbert. I promise you that it will be lots of fun as we navigate this book and its impacts on our culture. We will discuss the content of the book, the themes presented, goals of Frank Herbert, and more. We will meet weekly. Though this will start on the first book, I expect us to progress to later books and potentially the film adaptations of this series. You will need a copy of at least the first book to participate and potentially more as this series progresses. The schedule for reading pace and when sessions will take place will be discussed more in the first session.

David W

Series ended.

Community · Summer Camp Series

Extempore TEDxSchoolhouse

    Ended Sun, Sep 4, 2022

Ever wanted to take part in extempore TEDx Talks? Ever wanted to improve your impromptu speaking skills? Well, this is the series for you! Welcome to the inaugural Schoolhouse Extempore TEDx Talks 🎉! In this series, we’ll be having sessions where you will get the chance to test out and improve your skills in extempore talks as well as pick up tips to do well in speaking impromptu. In the first session, we’ll be going through tips on how to do well in these extempore TEDX Talks along with some talk examples and then thereafter, it will be your chance to speak! HOW EXTEMPORE TED TALKS WORK In extempore TEDx Talks, you are randomly given a topic to speak on and given 60 seconds to gather your thoughts, after which you are given 4 minutes to speak along with an additional extra one minute if needed. But don’t worry, we won’t give you just 1 minute to think right from our first session. Since we also want to include beginners and help you improve your skills, we’ll start out with 3 minutes, and gradually decrease the thinking time until it reaches 1 minute. WHO CAN PARTICIPATE If you have vast experience in extempore talks and just want to brush up your skills and take part, or if you’re a complete beginner looking to start out, the series is for you! Anyone who’s interested can take part, regardless of your experience. If you’re a bit shy and worried about not doing well, don’t worry, we’re all here to learn and the only way we can learn is by practising!

Hafsah M

Series ended.

Community · Summer Camp Series

SHW Camp 2022: World History Timeline Project

    Ended Sat, Aug 27, 2022

History is the study of past events. A timeline is a graphic representation of what happened over a period of time through a line. As a history nerd myself, I had an idea for a Schoolhouse 2022 summer camp where as a team, we work together and create a timeline of everything that happened in history since he beginning of time recorded. If you love history or you are a creative person, you are welcome to join. Other than that anyone that wants to is welcome to join and help out making this timeline, but please do take note that by joining, you are agreeing that you will somewhat help with creating the timeline. This camp will be based on discussion and teamwork, as a team we will create this timeline, therefore I will provide minimal instruction as possible. We will discuss all the logistical information including the software we will use to create the timeline in our first session. This project will aim to finish on July 23rd, Saturday. We will be aiming to meet at least three times during the process of this project. I am really excited to go through the process of creating a timeline illustrating world history with you all, I hope you all find this interesting and join too. Excited to work with y'all :)))))

Jacob H

Series ended.

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Official Schedule

Schoolhouse Summer Camp 2022



Summer Camp Kickoff with Sal Khan

Meet other campers, hear an opening word from Sal Khan, and get a fun sampling of the events that our camp counselors have put together.



Summer Camp Send-off

Join us for one fun last hurrah as our summer comes to a close.

Make sure to join the Schoolhouse Summer Camp 2022 series to attend official events with the Schoolhouse Team!


Frequently Asked Questions

For a comprehensive list of FAQs, please visit our new Help Desk.

What is is a free, peer-to-peer tutoring platform by Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy. In addition to the Summer Camp program, Schoolhouse offers 1-on-1 homework help in high school math, small-group bootcamps in standardized test prep, and more.

Who can join Summer Camp?

Anyone across the world with access to the internet and Zoom! Howeve, please note that you must be at least 13 years old to make an account on

How do I participate in Summer Camp?

Participating in Schoolhouse Summer Camp is simple. First, make an account on After your application to join Schoolhouse is approved, you can register for any Summer Camp sessions with open spots. When the day comes, you'll be able to join other campers over Zoom to learn together! Make sure to sign up for the official Schoolhouse Summer Camp 2022 series to join the Schoolhouse Community for an official welcome and closing ceremonies, as well as other fun events!

Is there any cost to attend Summer Camp?

Summer Camp (as well as tutoring sessions) at Schoolhouse is completely free. Our platform is powered by a community of passionate tutors, and our mission is to connect the world through learning via access to free educational opportunities.

Who is hosting Summer Camp sessions?

Summer Camp sessions are planned and hosted by Camp Counselors–who come from our global community of volunteer peer tutors, many of whom are students themselves! Our tutors are passionate about sharing what they know, giving back to others, and building a community that celebrates the fun in learning.

How can I host a Summer Camp session?

Applications to host Summer Camp sessions are still open through the end of the summer! If you’re interested in hosting sessions, become a tutor on Schoolhouse (if you have not done so already) and fill out a form with your session proposal.

What is the required commitment?

Attending Schoolhouse Summer Camp is meant to be fun and relaxing. Choose to attend just one session or 50 sessions–it's up to you! However, spots are limited in sessions so please be mindful. If you can no longer attend a session you registered for, please withdraw from the session so another camper can have fun too! peer tutoring, for free.


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