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Lets Make a Website with HTML, CSS, and Flexbox! (Still Open!) · Summer Camp Session

Computer Science

Project Showcase day! We will each be sharing our screens and showcasing our projects to one another. This is a REQUIRED class, if you have to miss it, you may be able to present another time, just tell me beforehand.

Pranav K

4 spots left!

Experimental · Summer Camp Series

Lets Make a Website with HTML, CSS, and Flexbox! (Still Open!)

    5th session

3 Coding languages in 3 weeks! This series is meant for beginners! Lets learn how to build stunning websites with HTML, CSS, and Flexbox! Let's learn HTML, CSS, and flexbox together from the very beginning. We will also learn these topics: - How websites run on the internet - HTML boilerplate, images, etc. - HTML tags, lists, images, links - Advanced HTML topics - CSS Basics - IDs, Classes, selectors - Box Mode of CSS - Learn 30+ CSS properties - What is flexbox and how does it work? - Flexbox basics - Learn flexbox properties This series will be more project based rather than lecture based. I will teach you guys what we're learning one day, and the next day, you guys will get a project in which you have to design something. Next week, we will check our projects and give feedback!

Pranav K

4 spots left!

Pre-Algebra · Summer Camp Series

🧮 Pre-Algebra | Comprehensive Summer Bootcamp 🧮

    13th session

Welcome! Each Saturday at 9 AM EST/6:30 PM IST, we'll explore a different Pre-Algebra topic by interacting with fundamental concepts before engaging in helpful practice problems. To strengthen your knowledge and problem-solving capabilities, we will go through practice problems, potentially kahoots/quizizzes, and pre-/post-session surveys. The session descriptions are rough outlines of the content we will cover in the session and is subject to change. After each session, I will send everyone a problem set of 5 problems related to the topic we will cover in class. These are entirely up to your discretion, and feel free to message me any questions about the problem sets anytime! If there are any topics you want to explore further or don't yet have a good understanding of after the sessions, I am more than happy to open an office hours timeslot. By the end of the series, you will have a deeper understanding of most of the concepts covered in Pre-Algebra. Week 1: Orientation Week 2: Patterns Week 3: Factors and Multiples Week 4: Ratios and Rates Week 5: Percentages Week 6: Exponents and Order of Operations Week 7: Equations and Inequalities Office hours are on Wednesdays (FINALIZED, and the survey is no longer accepting responses). Here is the link to an office hours survey. It will decide the finalized day office hours will be held each week depending on the answers to the survey, so please respond to it by our session on Jul 9th. Link: Note: they are optional and will not cover any new content. Here is the link to our shared series google drive, where all the session slideshows and problem sets will be posted:

Eric Q


Calculus · Summer Camp Series

AP Calculus AB+BC Bootcamp!!!! (For People Taking the Class in 2022-23)

    16th session

Held every Tuesday+Thursday, starting July 5th! Amazing mathematics tutor, definitely go to his sessions! Including his office hour series for this series (please join if and only if you are registered for this series!):> Each of us are 100% certified in Calculus, and Shadman took AP Calculus BC in 2021-2022. We will do our best to create the best first impressions of calculus we can, though experienced learners are also welcome to come and review! In this series, we expect to go over the entire curriculum of AP Calculus BC (but AB students are still welcome to join!), starting all the way from limits going all the way to infinite series! This series is meant to help people with a pre-existing understanding of pre-calculus, but we may review some of the topics in pre-calculus for the first session after orientation (don't worry: you won't need everything from pre-calc!). In any case, afterwards, we will focus on every BC unit for one to two days, and we will also hold office hours and review sessions for people who have questions or need to catch up! If you need any 1-on-1 help, you can contact either Satrio or Shadman Can't wait to see you all! For eager people out there: Here is a link to the AP Calculus AB curriculum on the College Board's official page (includes prerequisites): Here is a link to the AP Calculus BC curriculum on the College Board's official page (includes prerequisites): Here's a link to our syllabus (and master document on which all resources and materials are posted): (Note: I am currently on indefinite break. Will return once I reorganize things :) )

Shadman S

4 spots left!

Algebra 1 · Summer Camp Series

Complete Algebra 1 Crash Course

    20th session

What are intercepts? How can we factor equations to find roots? This series is intended for anyone who is taking algebra 1 this coming fall, or took it previously and struggled. We will go through the major topics taught in algebra 1 through Khan Academy. I plan on spending a few days on each unit. It is recommended you have a strong base in math (multiplication, division, PEMDAS) and have completed all major topics in pre-algebra. These are the topics we will be going over: - Solving equations and inequalities - Linear equations and graphs - Forms of linear equations - Systems of equations - Inequalities (systems & graphs) - Functions - Exponents & radicals - Quadratics: Multiplying & factoring - Quadratic functions and equations Here is the link to the Khan Academy course, if you would like to take a look:

Isha B

5 spots left!

Experimental · Summer Camp Series

Virtual Library

    70th session

Hey Guys! My name is Shradha. I am a rising senior in high school from Wisconsin. Here at Schoolhouse, I host the virtual library session where you can come in and work on homework. For the summer I want to try something new. I want to introduce the Dream Initiative. This means that this series will become more goal-oriented. So, if there is something that you have always wanted to do but didn't have any motivation or plan for, you will be able to design and start your journey towards accomplishing that goal. So this coming Sunday(6/26), I will hold a session where I will present a method of developing a plan, and then you will be able to make a plan for your dreams. This is an excellent opportunity for you if you want to be held accountable, want time already blocked out for your goals, and want a positive environment where you can share your goals with other goal-oriented people. I am very excited about this initiative as well because I will also be planning out my goal of incorporating self-care into my academic life. So please join and take that first step towards accomplishing your goals.

Shradha G


Experimental · Summer Camp Session

SHW Game Night

Hey guys! This is a SHW game night that I am hosting. If you been to one of my previous one's I've introduced gartic phone. It's a fun online telephone game with drawing and clues and we will play the game and maybe get to know everyone more better:) You can also come here to chill and get to know new people!

Grace C

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