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Algebra 1 · Session

Quadratics: Multiplying and Factoring!!

44 minutes
This session has ended.

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Welcome! In this session, we'll cover quadratics: multiplying and factoring! Whether you’re a beginner who wants an introduction or an expert who just wants a review, this session is for you! You will learn how to: - Multiply binomials using the area model and the distributive property. - Recognize and apply some special products of binomials, such as difference of squares and perfect squares. - Factor quadratics using different methods, such as finding common factors, grouping terms, and using the quadratic formula. We will utilize Khan Academy’s exercises to practice these skills and check our understanding. This session is designed to help you multiply and factor quadratics with confidence and ease. Hope to see you soon!

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Aneesa M


3 / 10


Quadratics: Multiplying & factoring

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